How to Add Abundant Yogi Banners to Your Content

Beautiful, elegant images to help you promote the sh*t/heck out of AY (your choice)

by Samantha Pollack

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A banner ad is a visual aid used in websites, blog posts, and emails. They’re clickable, and when your users click them, they’ll be taken to one of our landing pages (via your affiliate link).

You’ve seen them. They’re on sidebars, headers, footers…pull up any blog post on Buzzfeed or the Huffington Post and you’ll see several flashy, spammy, animated ads.

Abundant Yogi’s banners stand out because they’re elegant (even the ones that have potty mouth) and well-designed. They breathe.

How to Add AY Banners to Your Content


Look! It’s a banner! With an f-bomb!

In your Referral Partner Center, go to Banners in the left sidebar.

From the drop-down menu under “Options,” choose the following:

Who is driving the traffic: Make sure your name is selected.

Where are you driving traffic to: Choose Get Paid Your Worth or Overwhelm Eliminator

Which ad are you using to drive the traffic: N/A; doesn’t matter

select the banner you want

Next, look through all the banners you have to choose from. Click “generate banner” to get a preview of what it will look like. When you find the one you want — we’ve given you tons of options as far as language, visual, shape and size — copy the code you see, and paste it into your html editor.


If you don’t like html, you can just download and the image itself and add it to your page. But be advised — it won’t be auto-populated with your affiliate link. You’ll have to manually take care of that part.

Our Top Recommendations for Banner Placement

1. Website headers and footers — use the same banner, in the same place, on every page of your website so it’s just a constant.

2. Sidebars (for a blog or a website) — same strategy as above.

3. Email footers.

4. Blog posts. Either specifically about the benefits of AY’s programs, or just as a constant visual.

5. Anywhere you can use a visual, do it.

We are so very proud of these banners. Please use them extravagantly.

Happy promoting!

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Samantha Pollack
Samantha Pollack traveled a winding road through personal training, health coaching, and the restaurant business, before hitting her stride as a full-time writer. In 2010, she bid a fond “peace out” to her demanding career in Boston and relocated to the mountains of Asheville, NC. Since then, she’s launched (and more

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  1. Bola Tinubu

    Samantha, Thanks for sharing the insightful article on how to add abundant yogi banners to our content… I’ve been searching for this techique for long and your article just fulfilled my desire.