Are Our Kids Smarter Than Us?

If you only knew now what you knew then

by Samantha Pollack

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“You are what you love, and not what loves you.”

This video has garnered over 20 million views over on Kyle Cease’s facebook page. If you have no idea who that is (I didn’t, until last week), he’s an actor, comedian, and inspirational speaker.

He infuses his talks about happiness and spirituality with humor – which seems like a no-brainer to me, but for some reason is pretty unusual.

(Side note: he also kicks ass at Facebook. If video is your medium, pay attention.)

Why People’s Opinions of You Aren’t RealWhy People’s Opinions of You Aren’t Real

Posted by Kyle Cease on Friday, September 4, 2015

“You are what you love, and not what loves you.”

This quote comes from Charlie Kaufman’s weird and brilliant movie Adaptation, a story about orchids, twin brothers, and the beautiful struggle that is the creative process.

The video – which is mesmerizing by the way; it could just be music and I’d still watch it over and over (and is that a Dave Grohl cameo at 0:49?) – leaves me inspired. Comforted.

It reminds me that all my deadlines and bills and daily obligations are just the arbitrary constructs of 21st Century American life.

It also brings forth a central question that Cease doesn’t answer (and only sort-of asks).

How do we maintain our childlike sense of wonder and creativity amongst the reality of bills, deadlines, and dirty dishes?

We – as adults – can’t just create and play and nap all day long, or we’d be homeless.

And I think this is where we all get so frustrated, in this world of affirmations and manifestations. How can our modern lives coexist with this spirit of magic and presence?

Two things will help for sure:

  1. Stop using social media to decry all the things you don’t like. Instead, use it to share what you do like. You are what you love. (In other words, try not to complain so much.)
  2. Try to find the wonder in dirty dishes, in cat throw-up, in folding your husband’s old holey socks.

The truth is, if we’re ever going to feel truly grounded and at peace, we have to reconcile the daily grind with the bigger picture.

We have to include the deadlines, bills, and traffic jams in our pursuit of wonder and creativity.

Those things are never going away.

The real question is, can you see the beauty in them? Can you embrace them instead of resenting them?

Can you remain ruthlessly authentic, beautifully human, and…wait for it…HAPPY?

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Samantha Pollack
Samantha Pollack traveled a winding road through personal training, health coaching, and the restaurant business, before hitting her stride as a full-time writer. In 2010, she bid a fond “peace out” to her demanding career in Boston and relocated to the mountains of Asheville, NC. Since then, she’s launched (and more

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