by Kraig Ward

A Coach Training and Certification Program for Those Whose Life’s Work is to Help Others Live Life by Their OWN Design.

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Lifestyle Design is exactly what it sounds like – being deliberate about CREATING your life, schedule and career by design, rather than just going through the motions and living life by default.

It requires getting crystal clear about your passions, talents, skills and preferences – what lights you up – and then molding your life and work around them so that you’re living a deeply satisfying life while making your greatest possible contribution to the world in sharing your unique gifts.

Lifestyle Design Coaches™ help others to do that in their own lives — by asking powerful questions, getting them in touch with their deepest desires, pinpointing and removing obstacles, providing honest and direct feedback, and utilizing proven tools and techniques that bring them back to relief, hope and clarity time and time again as you hold them accountable to their highest vision.

We are no longer offering the Lifestyle Design Coaching Certification™ at this time. To see a list of Certified LDC Coaches™, click here

Kraig Ward
As a former holistic healthcare practitioner turned passionate marketer and business development fanatic, Kraig has spent the last decade developing and testing new business growth models for new and seasoned small business owners in the field of holistic wellness and personal development as well as the direct selling industry. Since 2001, ...read more

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