Do it for the Love and the Money

by Kraig Ward

Because Life is Better With Both

3-video Introductory Series

If you’re ready to admit to yourself that what you’ve been doing up until now HASN’T worked –– at least, not in a way that would afford you the kind of lifestyle and the feeling of effortless creation that you know you’re capable of, this mini-course is the next natural step for you.

It’s perfect for you if you’re needing the FACTS about what it really takes to make it as a conscious entrepreneur, monetizing your unique abilities in a joyful and sustainable way where you won’t risk overwhelm or burnout.

This 3-video Introductory Series delivers nearly 3 hours of content, clarifying worksheets, sample money calculating templates and other tools from our more comprehensive courses in Lifestyle Design Coaching™, Conscious Business and Mindful Marketing. You get simple, step-by-step exercises that you can take and apply into your own life right away to get crystal clear about the passions, talents and skills you most need to be sharing with the world.

Regardless of what you currently do (or don’t do) for a living –– whether you love it or you’re totally frustrated and uninspired by it, in all of TEN MINUTES, these exercises should help you pinpoint and start using the full capacity of your greatest gifts very deliberately, in a way that will impact many many lives.

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Kraig Ward
As a former holistic healthcare practitioner turned passionate marketer and business development fanatic, Kraig has spent the last decade developing and testing new business growth models for new and seasoned small business owners in the field of holistic wellness and personal development as well as the direct selling industry. Since 2001, more

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