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5 Excuses Women Use to Put Their Needs Last — and Why They’re Total BS

by Maria Kubitz

Truth: You are never NOT the most important person in your life

Let’s cut the bullshit already. Our excuses are lame.

You, me, and so many other women DON’T take care of our needs. We constantly put ourselves last on the long list of people and things we take care of.

But our reasons why we don’t prioritize our needs can be summed up in five basic excuses. And they’re wrong.

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5 Easy Hacks to Get Back the Work/Life Balance You Lost When You Started Working from Home

by Maria Kubitz

Put on some pants and get it together, buddy

Let’s face it. Everyone dreams of working from home.

No more horrible commutes and endless traffic jams. No more constant interruptions of people coming to your desk needing something… or just wanting to get their daily chit chat in. No more being trapped in a noisy office with obnoxious people who make you want to jump out the nearest window.

The idea of working from home comes with the blissful allure of uninterrupted time to get real, productive shit done!

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This ONE Little Trick will Instantly Break Up the Tension in Any Argument

by Maria Kubitz

It’s not what you think it is

No matter how good or strong your relationship is, we’ve all had those arguments.

The ones that seem to escalate for no good reason. A simple disagreement turns into a shouting match where both of us want to force our point down the other’s throat.

The fight usually ends when one of us reaches a point where we can’t take it anymore.

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These Two Crucial Questions will Change the Way You Declutter (Forever)

by Samantha Pollack

It's not 'purging' — it's surrounding yourself with what you love

Do you ever stop to wonder why the same decluttering content gets regurgitated year after year? Why you continue to click those links when you know what the article’s going to say? And then go home to your clusterfuck of an office, shrug your shoulders, and say, “Maybe next year?”

It’s because these approaches are tired. AND they don’t work. Not for lasting declutter.

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