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The Last Goal-Setting Advice You’ll Ever Need (Because this Method ACTUALLY WORKS)

by Maria Kubitz

"I'd really love to read ANOTHER goal-setting article this year" — said NO ONE EVER

Have you written yours yet? Placed them prominently on your fridge to get yourself psyched and ready to tackle them as soon as Friday rolls around? Are you giddy from the potent cocktail of excitement, hope and determination that they inspire in so many of us?

Go ahead. Soak up those good vibrations as much as you can. Because come January 1st, you’re sure as hell going to need all the mojo you can muster to have even the faintest chance of turning them into reality.

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5 Holiday Survival Strategies for the Highly-Sensitive Person

by Maria Kubitz

The #1 gift you can give your loved ones? A calmer, saner YOU

The holidays. Oh joy. (And yes, that was sarcasm you detected.) My children eagerly anticipate the months-long revelry that begins with the lead-up to Halloween and lasts all the way through the drunken hangover that is New Year’s.

I, on the other hand, dread all of it. Why? Let me take you on a brief tour of my awesome – but often tortured – mind.

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7 Heart-Centered Gifts for the Yogi in Your Life

by Samantha Pollack

Give and receive a gift that MATTERS (hint: it's not a gift card)

There’s something in the air this Christmas season.

And I don’t mean the vocal stylings of Bing Crosby, or the Salvation Army bells ringing on the corner. (Those things are in the air too. Obviously.)

I mean, this year, it seems like more people than ever are OVER the holidays. Like, the whole sense of obligation is just weighing us down.

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Duh! (Or, That Moment When All Your Life’s Frustrations Suddenly Make Perfect Sense)

by Maria Kubitz

What’s your AHA moment?

Raise your hand if there is some aspect of your life you want to change… to improve. C’ mon. Get it up there. This isn’t a mental exercise. You’re human. And one of the joys frustrations of being human is our tireless pursuit of perfection. The perfect job. The perfect relationship. The perfect life. The problem is, none of us find perfection. At least not the way we imagined it to be. Perhaps because that sort of perfection doesn’t actually exist.

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