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The Ugly Secret Behind Amy Schumer’s Naked Truth

by Maria Kubitz

A small victory in the war we wage against ourselves

Unless you’ve been on some radical Internet detox program until just now, you’ve undoubtedly seen the nearly naked picture of Amy Schumer. I’m not sure what I like better: the fact that the photo is honest — no airbrushing away her “imperfections” to promote an impossible standard of beauty that the vast majority of women can NEVER achieve — or how she described it.

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Never Run Out of Money Again with This One Simple Budgeting Tweak

by Samantha Pollack

Manage your money like a boss (even if you don't get paid like one... yet)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You’re scrambling every month to bring in not-enough-money. You know enough to know that you should be tracking your expenses, setting aside money for the IRS, and building your business expenses into your hourly rates. (And then, when you get paid, actually USING that money for said expenses.) It works GREAT…on paper. But in practice? Not so much.

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How to Be an Awesome Boss: Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Leadership

by Maria Kubitz

Create a company culture that inspires your team to thrive (and not throw darts at your picture)

You made it! You’ve reached a point of success in your career where, for the first time, you’re in the position of leading and managing others. It doesn’t matter whether you’re leading a small team or a bigger army of folks; they’re all looking to you for guidance, support, and, well… inspiring leadership. And – if you’re anything like I was at the moment you take on this role – I imagine you’re scared shitless.

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