Isn’t it always the little things that make your whole DAY?

And isn’t a good LIFE just a string of really really good DAYS?

Well here’s a little thing – that’s actually not so little.

A chance to have me – or one of my personally trained staff coaches – give our undivided attention to YOU, your deepest desires for your life and career, and the fastest way to realize those desires AND pinpoint and handle anything that might currently be in the way (there’s always SOMETHING).


I’m describing what it’s like to be on the receiving end of our “Grounding Your Vision” Coaching Session.

Not to toot our own tooter, but these sessions are what we here at Abundant Yogi are best at – for two simple reasons.

First, because we care – a lot. Taking people who are unclear and ungrounded, and getting them really clear and focused, with all their pigeons in a row…just happens to be our obsession.

And second, because we’ve been at this for like, a DECADE now.

And while we’ve helped a lot of people just like you to increase their income and improve their lifestyle through several earth-shattering AHAs and many strategic moves towards authenticity…

The magic of coaching is that, sometimes you can achieve results like that with just ONE aha, or ONE smart move. These signature sessions are notorious for facilitating that kind of an instant transformation.

We love to do it. And to prove it, this one’s on us.

“I went to bed last night full of self-doubt, having zero confidence… today, after my coaching session, I have what I need and I know that it’s all going to be okay. I’m on fire and can’t wait to put all of this into action!”

– Lindsey Walker

Whether you’re here to get in line for an introductory coaching session with me or one of my coaches on staff, or to apply for an Abundant Yogi Training Program, please know that both are by invitation only and limited to one per person.

  • Use the scheduler below to request your preferred timeframe for a FREE “Grounding Your Vision” coaching session, which also determines your eligibility for access to AY programs.
  • Complete the accompanying intake form, being especially detailed and specific as it pertains to your biggest current challenges and your readiness to take practical steps to move your vision forward — starting TODAY.
  • Keep an eye on your email inbox for your official appointment date and time.

**Spots in line for these sessions fill up quickly — but the sooner you use the scheduler on this page to pick a general timeframe that works for you, the sooner you will inch your way to the front of the line — then we can get back to you when we have a spot available that matches your timeframe. At that point, we’ll officially book your coaching session to help you move you from confusion and overwhelm to CRISP CLARITY and direction.

IMPORTANT NOTE IF YOU SKIPPED THE AUDIO ABOVE, MS. IMPATIENT-PANTS: You’ll notice during the booking process that we ask for your credit card info. This is required ONLY to hold your spot on our schedule, as a way to safeguard against last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Your card will not be charged at this time.

Can’t wait to chat in person!

IMPORTANT: Once you’ve submitted your preferred time slot for your 1:1 coaching session, check your inbox to confirm you’ve received a Confirmation Email from us — as it includes important information about solidifying your appointment. (Note: If you don’t receive your Confirmation Email, please email support(at) If it lands in your spam box, be sure to whitelist our automated scheduling URL,, to make sure you get this and future appointment-related communication right in your inbox!)