Got Business Filters To Protect Your Vision And Keep You Aligned To It?

See ours. And how they changed everything.

by Kris Ward

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If you saw the Alchemy TV post I released last week then you might remember how utterly excited I was about running with some rock solid advice that my friend Jonathan Mead of offered up about how (and why) to create your own visionary quest. I knew the second I read his post, I was all for it and I couldn’t WAIT to grab Amber, my God-knows-what-I’d-do-without-her awesomesauce Project Manager… and do it.

Well, we did it. And as the above subtitle hints, it changed everything.

Prior to the quest:

Things had gotten a little stressful in the world of AY. Happens to the best of us, right?

  • The TO DO list was piling up.
  • Our priorities were getting muddied.
  • The pace of our weekly meetings had really ramped up because we always had “so much ground we needed to cover”.
  • My breath was choppy and I was yawning a lot to try and deepen it (I do that a lot when I feel pressure).
  • We were carrying too much… pulled in too many different directions.
  • Work was becoming unFUN.

Red fucking flag! Abort. Abort. We are not practicing what we preach.

Sober pause.

“Okay, here’s the deal. My body is telling me we’re not operating as clearly and as powerfully as we could be. We need a reset.”

“Right. Where’s our JUICE lately?”

“We need a fresh dose of it.”

“This Thursday, cancel all appointments. Stop everything. New setting. We’re dropping in.”

Back up for a second.

We had already done our “yearly goal setting” for 2013 and everything looked good on paper, but it just wasn’t cutting it. It wasn’t a comprehensive, whole-team-nourishing, inspirationally-sustainable-enough framework to adhere to. We needed a big upgrade.

It had been gradual and subtle, but I could feel we’d lost sight of our guiding values––our big WHY––and our plan to protect and honor that WHY. Evidently the filters we thought we had in place to help us move all the (not fun, not profitable, not true to us, not necessary now) BS to our NOT TO DO list really weren’t working for us. So the second I read Jonathan’s post I knew his very detailed, internally focused method of redefining mission, purpose, and principles would help us conserve and refocus our precious energy on what was really worthy of it. And WOW did it ever!

For the full breakdown of how and why to go about creating your own visionary quest, refer to Jonathan’s post. And heed the call. But for starters, check out the cliff notes on everything we considered and the massive new clarity that has come about as a result of Amber’s and my visionary quest on behalf of AY.

*Plagiarism Disclaimer: When Amber and I started this quest, we never intended on sharing its results publically. So we weren’t concerned about “stealing” some of Jonathan’s wording. We actually used his examples as a template to jump off from. Then we edited and tweaked until it felt like a perfect fit for us. If there is still a touch of Jonathan left in there, that’s why. Like I said in my last post, he’s a pretty rad dude so I’m honored that we have similar wiring and worldview. I’m so grateful for this framework he’s provided and I hope it offers you as much as it has us and more.

Anyway. Ka-blaaaayam. Here you go:

After the Quest:

Blissful new peace, clarity, and connection amongst the team backed by a practice and action plan that protects and preserves our deepest values and priorities. Breathing more generously once again and feeling back in flow. Phew!

Core Desired Feelings

Here’s what we considered:

    • This is all about how we want to feel in our work and life.
    • What do we want to be experiencing while our genius is pouring out of us?

Here’s what we came up with:

1.  courageously vulnerable (which is the beauty we love about humanity; always a little scary but very exciting)

2.  creatively alive (on our own leading edge; always evolving our own learning)

3. communion (with life, with Source, with our clients; deep mutual appreciation and respect for each other and for the important work we’re doing together)

4. grounded (we’re present, we’re with you, and we’re enough)

5. spacious affluence (beauty in our environment; ease and flow within our actions; our need for deep self care is being generously tended to)

Uncompromising Principles

Here’s what we considered:

    • Core Desires and Uncompromising Principles are close relatives. They form a symbiotic relationship that helps each other thrive. When we’re acting from our Core Feelings, we’re probably in alignment with our Uncompromising Principles (UPs).
    • UPs are both a manifestation of and a vehicle for the way we want to feel.
    • They act as guides for steering our actions.
    • Without them it’s easy to get lost––although we’re working hard, we feel like there’s not a sense of purpose or meaning to what we’re doing.
    • While our Core Desired Feelings are personal, our UPs are universal for our business.
    • They guide the actions of our team, our community and our work as a whole.

Here’s what we came up with:

1. Elegantly Impactful: (Everything we do has to be useful and create positive change. Less fluff, more value and resonance––as in, nothing left to add, nothing left to take away. In our programs, with our clients, and in all of our content, we get to the heart/core/root/truth quickly.)

2. Luxuriously Generous: We want to give others permission to be precious to themselves––100% guilt free––and offer themselves nourishment and deep care. We aim to help them feel worthy of luxury and abundance through the environment we create and the experience and support we offer.

3. Courageous Integrity: We operate from a place of openness, honesty and authenticity with our work.

4. Personally Interesting: Yes, we serve a community, but we have to be connected to our work in a way that excites us as well as our audience (otherwise it would be inauthentic and we wouldn’t be practicing what we preach).

5. “Interior-Based” Innovation: We want to stay on our own leading edge all the time and we’re committed to running this company with our Interior as the CEO (our main form of guidance)––so as we grow, evolve and change, so will the company. It will always be an accurate representation of the very best that we have to offer NOW.

6. Eccentric Originality: We express ourselves as we are, which is not always pretty or polished. We always want to be a first rate version of ourselves and not a second rate version of someone else. This is not about measuring up. It’s about doing our best to be REAL and share REAL value.

7. Fun: Nothing else really matters if it’s not fun most of the time.

Strategic Projects – starting with a powerful ending to the first quarter of 2013 (that’s all we’re going to share for now so we don’t ruin all the upcoming surprises)

Here’s what we considered:

    • The key now is to take the lessons learned, our goals, desires and principles and focus them all to decide the big projects and adventures we’ll undertake throughout the quarter or year.
    • We have very full lives so we only have so much bandwidth and time to allot to our work; what will be the most fun, highest leverage and profitable for us?
    • What do we need to put off because it’s NOT high leverage, fun/downstream and profitable?
    • What quarterly and monthly “themes” can we superimpose on ourselves to give us “rhyme and reason” for how to approach the prioritization of tasks (so that over time, we can front burner some of the back burner projects and tasks and have it all make sense and provide real value for our clients and customers)?

Here’s what we came up with:

1. March Theme:  Taming the self saboteur (AKA monkey mind / stinkin’ thinkin’ / resistance) + getting into action

2. Do a blowout sale for our current version of LifeLaunch including shipping out hard copies of the remaining CD’s and workbooks while supplies last.

      1. Grandfather purchasers into the new LifeLaunch once it’s refined/updated.
      2. Offer a ton of bonuses to sweeten the deal, including a free yoga + beach retreat for the first 5 people to take action (we love to spoil our peeps rotten––it’s part of UP #2, “Luxuriously Generous”).
      3. Update and re-release LifeLaunch adding in a whole new series of “Taming the Self-Saboteur” trainings and Q&A that have never before been available.
      4. Republish 1 module per week starting in April and continue with ongoing support calls and monthly live group coaching AS ALWAYS.

3. Start coordinating a soulful, deeply nourishing yoga + beach retreat (“Self Love Fest” 2013!) to bring all the AY’s together for Summer lovin’, a self-truth deep dive, and much needed inspiration and rejuvenation.

Core Practices – including ongoing actions that each of us consciously takes inside our areas of genius that keep this ship sailing smoothly

Here’s what we considered:

    • This is where the rubber meets the road. We take all of our dreams, goals and our beautiful, breathtaking vision and bring it down to earth.
    • What are the daily and weekly actions we’ll need to take to get to where we want to go?

Here’s what we came up with:

1. Continue with (almost) weekly blog posts and monthly Alchemy TV interviews. If more flows, perfect. If not, we don’t force it. We’re guided by the UP’s that our work must be both “Elegantly Impactful” and “Personally Interesting”. Aim to have content complete by close of business Friday, then release sometime Mon-Wed the following week.

2. Save $5K of revenue a month to put towards… (if I told you, I’d have to kill you… but it’s a lifetime dream in the making).

3. Friday reflective and progressive meetings. We start out by reviewing our Core Desired Feelings and our UP’s to guide all of our decision making and prioritization. We review our accomplishments from the week including where we stand with money and numbers. Then we list out everyone’s highest leverage tasks to focus on for the upcoming week. If at any point during that week, we start to feel stressed, overwhelmed or disconnected from our Core Desired Feelings, we have a quick check in on Skype and quickly move things off of the weekly priorities over to our “Not to do YET” list. We know that “nothing we truly want is upstream” so we go for ease (thanks Abraham-Hicks).

4. 3-4 “Luxuriously Generous” free coaching sessions provided to the action-ready individuals atop our ever growing waiting list, about ½ of which are welcomed into our virtual coaching programs and a handful (based upon availability) are invited to work directly with Kris in private coaching.

5. Continued live support for our current students and clients via group coaching calls three times per month and an incredibly active private Q&A forum on Facebook.

6. A schedule that is spacious enough to accommodate the level of deep care, personal connection with Kris, and individual tailoring that comprises our 1-1 coaching programs––including a framework that facilitates “Courageous Vulnerability” and core level transformation versus quick fixes and short-lived change.

7. We weave our yoga and self-care rituals right into our weekly priorities and count them equally as mandatory as all of our other tasks, thereby practicing what we preach and upholding our UP: “Courageous Integrity”.

8. We set ourselves up for regular in-person connection both in our communities and as a team. At least twice a week we attend live yoga classes or community events and at least once a year we get together as a team for a ridiculously refueling and rejuvenating retreat.

Hope you found that helpful. No doubt though, the biggest help will come when you actually go and do likewise to create your own Visionary Quest to define your Core Desired Feelings, Uncompromising Principles, Strategic Projects, and Core Practices. Please, let me know how it goes. I want to hear what you come up with and how it serves you. And let Jonathan know too, I know he’ll appreciate seeing the ripple effects.

Here’s to being the conscious engineer of how you want to feel in your own life and business!

Do it your way.

P.S. As that sneak preview of our Strategic Projects mentioned, we’re just about to kick off a 30% Off Blowout Sale for our flagship lifestyle design program, LifeLaunch Formula. It includes live, ongoing group coaching and support (Who does that?? Only people with “Luxuriously Generous” as a guiding UP!), discounted higher-level program upgrade privileges, automatic grandfathering into the NEW LifeLaunch Formula once it’s released in April, a free hard copy of the course to give away to a friend, even a free ticket to our Abundant Yogi “Self Love Fest 2013” yoga + beach retreat this coming summer!

Just the bonuses alone will be worth two almost three times the normal retail value of the course, but we have a super limited amount so they’ll only be free to the fastest movers, shakers and action takers. So be ready for that. Next Monday 3/11/13 is our goal for the start date and the bonuses will likely disappear faster than you can say “Pamper Me!”.

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  1. Angela Cooper

    This is such a valuable exercise! Thanks for sharing!! I totally needed a kick in the as to be accountable for staying true to myself and being real with my clients while nurturing and nourishing myself.

    Thanks again!!