Last Hurrah

by Kris Ward

The word on AY’s big changes, plus your final chance to get our undivided attention on you (1-on-1...and free!)

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Warning: Your Corporate Job May be Killing Your Soul

by Maria Kubitz

It took me FIVE wake-up calls to leave corporate hell... hopefully you only need this one

“What do you do?”

That innocent ice-breaker asked when you meet someone new. We’ve asked it. We’ve been asked it. Countless times.

No biggie, right?


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These Two Crucial Questions will Change the Way You Declutter (Forever)

by Samantha Pollack

It's not 'purging' — it's surrounding yourself with what you love

Do you ever stop to wonder why the same decluttering content gets regurgitated year after year? Why you continue to click those links when you know what the article’s going to say? And then go home to your clusterfuck of an office, shrug your shoulders, and say, “Maybe next year?”

It’s because these approaches are tired. AND they don’t work. Not for lasting declutter.

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15 Questions in 15 Minutes to Help You Create the Life You Want

by Maria Kubitz

Stop stressing – the answer is already inside of you

It’s life altering. “What?”, you ask. The moment when you stop agonizing that there has to be so much more to life than what you’re currently experiencing, and your purpose in life becomes crystal clear. So many people waste most of their lives waiting to discover their life’s purpose. They yearn for greener grass they’re sure is on the other side of some proverbial hill. Or they convince themselves that some divine inspiration and insight will simply come to them when the time is right. They wait… and wait… and wait some more. And before they know it, most of their life has passed them by.

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