Inbox Nirvana: The Revolutionary Email Practice That Saved My Sanity

by Samantha Pollack

Five effortless strategies for putting email in its place

Call me a slow adapter, but I still find smart-phone culture a bit jarring. I’m often personally affronted by the expectation of constant availability. I don’t answer calls when I’m driving or absorbed in a writing project (even when it’s my mom). When I’m out to dinner, my phone is buried in the abyss that is my purse. I don’t respond to work-related texts on the weekends or after six pm. We call these practices boundaries, and any working person in the 21st Century needs to set them.

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3 Simple Things You Must Do to Get the Most Out of Your To-Do List

by Maria Kubitz

Everything you thought you knew about creating to-do lists is wrong

If you’re anything like me, you’ll need to read this. I used to have so many things on my to-do list I felt like screaming. I often felt so overwhelmed, I’d give up and escape the stress by procrastinating. I’d check Facebook or find someone to chit-chat with…anything to avoid my to-do list. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, our to-do lists often grow right in front of our eyes. Why is that? Despite our best efforts, why do we never get through our lists fast enough to complete everything – and find instead that they’ve grown?

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How to Decide What to Do When You Grow Up

by Kris Ward

Ask yourself these questions

Are you 100% certain about the work you want to do in this world? Most of us aren’t. Especially because our ideal work can change so much over the years (or even months) as we evolve. So… if, right now, you don’t know exactly what your calling is, or you’re having a hard time narrowing it down, I invite you to: See if these questions help.   (Go ahead. Grab…

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Why I Resist Writing Blog Posts

by Kris Ward

But write them anyway

It’s no secret that I’m on again off again with writing blog posts. That’s the first thing I divulge to new subscribers on the Abundant Yogi list. I tell them: Be prepared. I go in waves. Because the truth is, I resist the shit out of writing and putting my guts out there publicly. I also love writing and putting my guts out there. Isn’t it kinda fucked up how we resist…

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