Expansion may not be what we think it is

What if sometimes... we need to go smaller to feel more spacious?

by Kris Ward

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Have you ever heard someone confess something along these lines?

“In the end, everything about downsizing was expansive for me… it turned out to be the greatest blessing in disguise. I’m actually relieved things happened exactly the way they did.”

(Here you could swap out ‘downsizing’ with ‘getting fired’, ‘breaking up’, ‘getting sick’, ‘getting rejected’, ‘having to move back in with my parents’, and a whole number of seemingly contractive things.)

But here’s the thing:

Expansion may not be what we think it is.

Like for me when I bailed on Secret Sauce Society (my bread and butter mastermind program) super last minute in order to free myself up to really BE in my very real, very consuming, very heart-opening but humbling transition into motherhood, there really wasn’t another option if I was going to be true to myself. Everything about downsizing was expansive.

So I have a few questions for you…

A little check-in with your interior:

  1. What can you let go of for more freedom – more spaciousness, more ease?
  2. What can you say NO to – that will free you up to say YES to something that you care more deeply about?
  3. Where can you make sacrifices –  in order to experience relief?
  4. What are you afraid to let yourself feel (because you’re afraid that it’s ‘contractive’ thinking and it will attract more to feel contracted about) that you actually need to give yourself permission to feel… because it’s not going to stop tugging at you and you won’t be able to move past it until you address its presence?
  5. Whatever it is, can you walk into the heart of it and STAY? There is wisdom here. Perhaps some very real concerns that need acknowledging and tending to, that will lead to a much needed PEACE within you once you give them the time and attention they need.
  6. What drains you and how can you do less of it? What nourishes you and how can you do more of it?
  7. What feels scary to your ego but nurturing to your soul?

Would love for you to share your insights and aha’s.

Happy counter-intuitive expanding.



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Kris Ward
Kris Ward is a Lifestyle Design Coach™ Trainer and the president and founder of AbundantYogi.com. She has helped to educate and inspire over 100,000 people worldwide out of painful conflict around money, self-sabotage, and inhibited self-expression into having the freedom and abundance to do what they love every day, and ...read more

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Read 4 comments

  1. Michelle Jump

    About a year ago, after learning that I had been lied to and cheated on for more than a year, I fired a massage therapist here at The Massage Studio. I thought she was my friend, and it felt like I was punched in the stomach. I flat out wanted to quit. Now, having downsized in massage personnel, I have actually expanded into other modalities with acupuncture, esthetic services, and a doctor of natural medicine. In a way, shrinking one department (and letting go of much negative energy!) actually energized the other areas and my business and personal energy is booming! Sometimes restructuring is a good thing!

    1. KrisWard

      Amen. Thanks for sharing this real life example, Michelle.

  2. John Rutherford

    I love this post. It’s so appropriate for my life. It helps to reframe the experience from “less than” to invigorating change.

    1. KrisWard

      Very cool.