Attn: Heart-driven (and just plain driven) entrepreneurs whose lackluster finances are killing the magic that fuels you…

Refill your magic-tank. This free video training will show you how to keep rockin’ your passion — PROFITABLY — without burning out or selling out.


Your life’s work should feed your soul AND your wallet. If the wallet part’s not happening…getting a “real” job, or another certification, is not the answer.

There’s something very specific you’re doing – that you need to STOP doing. And in less time than it takes you to watch a rerun of Project Runway, this free video training will pinpoint the exact blocks in your way – and kick’em to the kerb.

BTW: It’s okay if you weren’t planning on hunkering down in front of the computer for a 30-minute training right this second. We got you. Just get the video now — you’ll be so glad you did!

Q: What’s up with the phone number? Are you some sketchy, privacy-invading robot who wants to sell my information to Mark Zuckerberg?

A: Beep-ooo-bop-oh-beeeeeeeeep…we…are…a…robot. we are talking like a robot…

No, really. We’re not robots, or assholes. We only want your digits — the real ones, not the ones you give those poor schmos standing on the corner with clipboards — so we can send you the VERY occasional update via text message (which you can opt out of anytime without hurting our feelings), and so a real live AY staff member can get in touch to make sure you’re enjoying your experience here, and see if we can offer any guidance.

It’s called trust, boo. Give us a chance.



Newsflash: Having enough money to live the life you want to live is a vital piece of soul food.

When you’re wasting three hours a week watching your slow-ass computer twirl a beach ball, and you can’t even dream of affording to replace (or even repair) it… it hurts your soul.

When your best friend calls out of the blue and suggests a spontaneous girls’ weekend at the beach, and you can’t make it work without charging it to your “emergencies only” credit card… it hurts your soul.

When you want to treat your spouse/partner/significant other to a nice dinner out — complete with a bottle of cabernet and chocolate mousse for dessert — but it doesn’t fit into your budget… it hurts your soul.

“Get Paid Your Worth” is a free 30-minute video training that will bridge the gap between heart-driven, creative work, and a bank account that (always) has enough money to cover your expenses.

  • Enter your contact info on this page (we promise not to blow up your inbox) and you’ll be whisked away to the “Get Paid Your Worth” video training.
  • Grab a notebook, or your favorite note-taking app (if you wanna be all chic and with it) and prepare to see (and undo) some stuff that you had NO idea was going on and doing so much damage.
  • A simple, repeatable exercise for getting past your resistance to business (or marketing, or money matters in general… or really any funky thought patterns that need a swift kick in the you-know-where)
  • My favorite technique for overcoming your deepest, sneakiest forms of self sabotage (such as performance anxiety, lack of focus, overwhelm, procrastination, picking fights with your man, and comparing yourself to others)
  • How doing the work that most excites you can, in fact, pay for that fancy new laptop (and/or a surprise beachside getaway… priorities)


“Thank God I reached out to Kris!”

“After working with big name GIANTS like Tony Robbins and T. Harv Ecker, although THEY knew my worth & talent (and utilized it to the fullest!), when it came to branching off on my own, there was a giant block in the way. After just one hour [with Kris] I walked away with the tools, processes and clarity to enroll my first client…$1K a month for 6 months!”

– Amy Porterfield


“I saw right away…if I charge my normal yoga rate, I’ll never get past where I am.”

“I love how, when talking through the nuts and bolts of what could be possible money-wise…I got a clear picture of how I could potentially join yoga and coaching together with my own personal brand and finally let go of my draining, inauthentic corporate job! I can [now] see how to do what I feel is my purpose and passion, charge what I need to charge, and leverage other streams of income without compromising myself. I can do this!”

– Brittany Becher

Get unstuck. Access Get Paid Your Worth, right meow.

See you on the other side.

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“All the clarity you need is already in you. This training will help you find it.”


To your restored sanity and big, bright smile that says “relief!”,
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