Here’s The Golden (Money) Question

And the goal (for starters)

by Kris Ward

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I have to say, I love totally random but really meaningful, heartfelt thank you’s.

In fact, I think they’re the best thing EVER.

I want to share one that just landed a few days ago because I think it contains GOLD.

A golden question, that is.

Decide for yourself if you agree.

Hello Goddess,

Over a year ago, I was one of those people you gave an hour of your time to (via a free coaching session) who did not sign up for your coaching program.

Perhaps I got tossed into the “not ready / not clear / can’t afford this” file.

Because, well… I wasn’t, and, yeah…. yougetthepoint.

I just wanted to let you know that the conversation – the high mileage, uncomfortable questions you asked brought light to areas that needed it. You dug in to places that have never been dug into.

You specifically asked me:

“Is not having enough money to do the things you want, a pattern for you?”



So it’s been a year.

I have changed my relationship with money – through hard work and your brutally honest voice in my head.

You helped me discern my wants… and get clear on my goals. One of which turned out to be “to love the shit out of my job as a colon therapist”. Shit included. (And yes, I did.)

For that, I had to reach out. To say THANK YOU – for kicking my ass. And for loving me up.

It wasn’t for nothing. That I promise.

Much love,


You’re so welcome, Brookelyn. And thank YOU.

Your letter made my day and inspired me to inspire a few others to check in with this money pattern question… AND to maybe consider making one of their goals to love the shit out of what they’re already doing – I mean, at least for starters!

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Kris Ward
Kris Ward is a Lifestyle Design Coach™ Trainer and the president and founder of She has helped to educate and inspire over 100,000 people worldwide out of painful conflict around money, self-sabotage, and inhibited self-expression into having the freedom and abundance to do what they love every day, and more

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