How to make your first $1,000 as an AY Affiliate

Our slightly math-heavy guide to making the $$ you came here for

by Samantha Pollack

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We’ve already told you it’s entirely possible for you to make $1,000 or more (daily, weekly or monthly) by sending just 100 people to one of our offer pages. Here’s a detailed overview of how that might work.

First things first: You have to get your Affiliate link.

If you haven’t explored the Affiliate Referral Partner Center yet, you’ll want to do that first. It will give you an overview of everything you need to know about the program, including the intel you need to decide which sales funnel you’ll want to promote to your like-minded followers (we recommend promoting the  Get Paid Your Worth landing page as it’s our highest converting funnel).

Once you’ve decided WHAT you want to promote, you’ll generate your customized affiliate link and any other goodies you want to make use of (email templates, social media swipe files, pre-designed banners and ads). There’s also some useful instructions for things like embedding videos or shortening your affiliate link in case you need ‘em.

Next, you have to get lots of qualified, targeted eyeballs on your Affiliate link.

You do that through whatever tools you have in place — be it your email subscriber list, your social media following, placing banner ads on your website or blog, etcetera.

The assumption is that you’ll be promoting AY to targeted, like-minded folks who will naturally be attracted to our brand — especially because it’ll be coming as a referral from YOU.

So here’s where that $1,000 comes in…

Let’s use the following scenario as an example of how you can earn your first $1,000 in the AY Affiliate Program. (As always, this is a possibility — not a guarantee.)

In this example, we’re making the assumption that you’re sending traffic to our “Get Paid Your Worth” funnel that leads people to one of our “starter products”, Do it For the Love and the Money ($297 retail), offered at a $97 one-time offer price point.

  1. You send 100 visitors to our sales funnel through your unique affiliate link, using the various tools at your disposal.
  2. Of those 100 visitors, let’s say 50 Leads are generated through the funnel. Knowing that OUR cold traffic (through paid advertising such as on Google and Facebook) often converts at around 40%, your traffic converting at 50% should be more than reasonable. since your audience is already “warmed up” (i.e. they trust you and your recommendations).
  3. Of those 50 Leads, let’s assume 10 of them purchase Do it For the Love and the Money for $97. We’re projecting 10 people because OUR cold traffic often converts at or around 15%, so your “warm” traffic converting at 20% isn’t too crazy of an assumption, however these conversion rates will vary WIDELY based upon who you send to our offer pages. With 10 purchases, you’ll generate $970 in business (and this is just the beginning), which equates to a commission of $485 (50% on starter products = $48.50/sale). Nice work!
  4. As part of their purchase, those 10 people receive a free coaching call with an AY staff coach, where they’re introduced to our three “core coaching programs”: LifeLaunch (LL), Abundant Yogi PHD and Lifestyle Design Coaching (LDC). Based on our historical rate of over 50% of Do it For the Love and the Money buyers going on to purchase one of our core coaching programs, of those 10 people, let’s estimate:

2 people buy LifeLaunch at a $997 price point. This equates to $1,994 in total sales. At a 5% commission rate for our core coaching programs, you’d earn $99.70 in commissions ($49.85 each). And if you yourself are currently enrolled in either LL, PHD, or LDC, your core coaching program commission rate is 10% (vs. 5%), which means you’d earn $199.40 in commissions (vs. $99.70).

2 people buy PHD at a $2,997 price point. This equates to $5,994 in total sales. At a 5% commission rate as a non-member, you’d earn $299.70 in commissions ($149.85 each) –  while current LL, PHD, or LDC students would earn $599.40 in commissions at the 10% commission level.

1 person buys PHD at a $4,997 price point. At a 5% commission level, you’d earn $249.85 (current LL, PHD, or LDC students would earn $499.70 in commissions).

So, let’s tally that all up: $485.00 + $99.70 + $299.70 + $249.85 = $1,134.25.

Let’s also factor in potential clawbacks if someone asks for a refund; with our historical average of less than 5% in clawbacks/refunds, you’re looking at a potential of just over $1,000 in commissions.

Not too shabby!

How much you might earn in a day, week, or month all depends on you.

Depending on the quantity and quality of the traffic you send, combined with your level of marketing savvy and effort, this scenario can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly — as often as you like. Send quality traffic to us as often as you want, and we’ll do the rest!

And that’s how we spread the AY magic. Together.

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Samantha Pollack
Samantha Pollack traveled a winding road through personal training, health coaching, and the restaurant business, before hitting her stride as a full-time writer. In 2010, she bid a fond “peace out” to her demanding career in Boston and relocated to the mountains of Asheville, NC. Since then, she’s launched (and more

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