I Am A Fake

And other stories we spin that rob us of success

by Kris Ward

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When we’re in a career where we’re expected to represent:

  • balance,
  • vibrant health,
  • clarity,
  • self-care, and
  • well-being,

But our own rituals for well-being are the first to be neglected when work and life get busy…

It can leave us feeling like a fake.

We get down on ourselves for not being a shining example of practicing what we preach. Then, because we don’t feel so great about ourselves, we don’t promote our work as confidently.

We don’t feel authentic and we don’t feel as proud as we should of the important work we do.

People can tell we’re holding back. Something is off. Our light is dimmed.

Then we become less attractive to our ideal clients.

We have to work harder and harder to get the clients we need.

And when we DO get clients, we’re so scared we’ll lose them, we start giving discounts, trying harder and harder to please them.

They sense our desperation and it’s a turn off. They don’t know why, but they want to work with someone else. Or pay a little LESS.

We start molding ourselves to be whoever they want us to be so they don’t disappear.

We BECOME the fake we never wanted to be.

Worse, we resent them because we know we gave them our power.

We lose sight of our true area of genius. We underestimate our value, skills and capabilities even further.

We fall into full on survival mode – SO not attractive to anyone.

We start looking for magic bullets and quick fixes. The answer! We start trying to do what others have done that seems like it was successful. More practical. A safer bet. We get further and further away from expressing our true gifts.

This is not fun. This is depleting.

We no longer honor and uphold what made us truly unique and attractive to our clients in the first place.

We feel the urge to work harder and harder to ‘figure this out’. There seem to be less and less hours in the day to DO all the things that need doing to FIX THIS.

Self-care slips even more.

Bad news: It’s a vicious cycle, and very hard to break.

Good news: We CAN break it if we’re willing to take practical, repetitive and transformative steps that will re-teach us how to value ourselves first.

That’s what this is about.

Click here to watch a short video I made describing these steps – and see how taking them will actually reverse the cycle. It’s the fastest, most reliable route to lasting confidence and actionable self-worth that I know!


If, when you’re being honest:

  • you know your self-love and self-care have been back-burnered too frequently for far too long and it sucks,
  • it’s dramatically decreasing your productivity, your joy, your income, your self-worth and
  • you’re ready to remedy that in a fun and affordable way…

Then get your ticket to Self Love Fest 2013 before we run out (counting down from 9 at the time of this posting).

What is Self Love Fest exactly?

It is a vacay from all the overwhelming, tedious, overly masculine, and sometimes boring parts of “figuring business out”––and an introduction to a whole new way of approaching your life and business that puts YOU, your pleasure, your wiring, your preferences, your NEEDS, and the way you want to feel… at the forefront.

It’s about doing the OPPOSITE of what you do when you go to seminars that spoon feed you external answers – when what you really need is a fail-proof way to listen to and act on the answers coming from your own interior.

Get the full story (and one of the few remaining tickets) for Self Love Fest here:


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Kris Ward
Kris Ward is a Lifestyle Design Coach™ Trainer and the president and founder of AbundantYogi.com. She has helped to educate and inspire over 100,000 people worldwide out of painful conflict around money, self-sabotage, and inhibited self-expression into having the freedom and abundance to do what they love every day, and ...read more

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1 comment

  1. Katie Ashley

    This was the post I needed to see tonight! I have had a rough day and was just feeling all of the things you mentioned in this post. Thank you. I feel better already. Tomorrow I am going to see the 2 private students that I have scheduled, teach a yoga class, and then do something for my self until it is time to pick my son up from school. Perhaps I will take a yoga or barre class or just go to Folly Beach and paddle around for awhile. Tonight I am going to look up new recipes for the week instead of trying to “fix” the “problems” with my current business plan. Thank you.