Design & Manifest A Lifestyle & Career You'll Love


Your big break just arrived.

There is a version of you that has it all.

Not in a material way — an electric car, a yearly trip to Bali, and all the money. (Although that would be nice.)

No…this version of you has something the current model is lacking. A certain groundedness; an unwavering clarity; a peaceful mind. This version goes to bed on time and drinks the green juice, and positively glows with creativity and joy.

You know you have that in you. But your daily reality is filled with distractions and pressures, and it always feels just out of reach.

Something’s missing.

No matter what you try, you can never seem to get (and stay) clear on what needs to happen from one day to the next. The right mindset and habits always feel just out of reach, and the closest you come to “you-but-awesome” is a fleeting good day here and there.

It never sticks.

And still, you can see it. A version of you that is:

  • Consistently more true to yourself and your TRUE needs and desires — connected to your own heart, and therefore, to the hearts of others
  • Consistently more productive and effective, making a much bigger difference in the world
  • Not a hot mess when it comes to managing your finances (i.e. you know what’s coming and going…and you’re earning what you want)
  • Done (once and for all) with drama, procrastination, performance anxiety, and overwhelm
  • Not afraid of success…or the idea of owning up to the other BS self-talk that’s held you back in the past
  • In charge of your life in a way that’s eluded you up until now (as in, YOU design your life, work and schedule — not the other way around)
  • Not standing in your own way (most of the time anyway…nobody’s perfect)

You can see it, because it’s real.

What is LifeLaunch Formula?

This virtual coaching program allows you to access — and implement — the exact same lifestyle design, self-leadership, and mature money management education that I myself used on my journey from frustrated self-sabotage to conscious (and joyful) entrepreneurship.

I’ll guide you though the same methods (and in some cases, significant inner growth) that I went through to get here:

  • deliberately manifesting how and where I want to live;
  • feeling creatively alive MOST of the time;
  • having a self-tailored career, work style, and schedule that really honors and supports my truest needs and desires;
  • taking precious care of myself––consistently
  • feeling LIKE A BOSS in the financial department (because I am the boss)
  • having the ability to set clear, specific, attainable goals––and joyfully achieve them (despite having a very active monkey mind, just like everyone else)

I’ve seen hundreds of clients and colleagues use these systems to successfully craft the mindset — and skill set — they needed to start creating their own version of “you-but-awesome.”

THAT’S what’s missing. The right mindset. The right skill set. Real-time guidance from people who’ve been where you are now, but somehow managed to get to the very place you’ve been trying to go.

We’ve been doing this for a long time (we’re kinda good at it). And even if you can’t se it yet…

That version of you that always seems just out of reach?

It’s not only possible.


LifeLaunch Formula 3.0: Design a Life You Love

Get Launched

If you’ve tried things like this before and they haven’t worked — well, first of all, the reason our trainings work is because we include a secret ingredient that’s lacking in other, similar coaching platforms. More on that in a minute.

Let’s talk nuts and bolts, shall we?

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Six steps to designing and manifesting a lifestyle and career you’ll love.

Module 1: Making a Case for Getting Rich

  • We don’t waste time dilly dallying. We’re going right for the biggest area of resistance: Money. We’ll make a case for getting rich and show you why it’s the best thing you can do for your well-being, your self-expression, your happiness, your family, your community, the causes you care about, and the entire planet. Then we’ll uncover, unravel and dissolve any blocks and limiting beliefs you may hold around money, “enoughness”, and the deliberate acquisition of financial wealth.

Module 2: Getting Rich is a Science

  • There is a science to getting rich and it is an exact science, like algebra and arithmetic. Here we’ll break down that science and make sure you understand it, inside and out. Then, since one of the most crucial components of the science is having a crystal clear vision of what you want and why, we’ll send you on a journey of honest exploration and discovery that will reconnect you to your truest, purest (and likely most neglected) needs, and lead you to EXTREME CLARITY OF DESIRE. The vision you begin to create here will be so clear, meaningful and powerful that it will infuse your every waking moment with inspiration and intention––even if your current situation is far from inspiring and intentional. Finally, even an exact science can have some gray areas. Discovering and coming to understand these gray areas over the years has actually grounded and humbled me. It’s made me a little softer and wiser, and led to my becoming an even stronger and more consistent manifestor… so I’ll be revealing those to you here in Module 2.

Module 3: Baseline Alchemy

  • Before we create a game plan to get you where you’re wanting to go (AKA your “point B”), we have to have a very sober and honest assessment of your starting point (your “point A”). By the time you finish the exercises in this module, you’ll know precisely where you’re starting from––your Baseline––speaking in terms of dollars and your current ability to fund your lifestyle. From there, it will be so much easier to outline distinct, measurable, attainable goals that will keep you clear and focused every step of the way. In this module you’ll also discover the counterintuitive secret to becoming irresistibly attractive to all human beings and what this has to do with your ability to transform your current “baseline” situation into your dream-come-true reality.

Module 4: Designing Your Preferred LifeStyle (PLS)

  • Here is where you’ll really “lean into your pleasure” and start mapping out what an ideal average day in the life of YOU in full volume self-expression will look and feel like, realistically speaking––and what it will cost you to be living that lifestyle. You’ll design right into your plan what keeps you grounded and yet creatively alive, what keeps your love tank full, and what you’d like to experience more of on a daily basis. You’ll create space and priority for sharing your greatest gifts and for whatever truly makes your heart sing (we’ll weave it right into your plan). After all, you can offer no greater gift to your loved ones and to the planet at large than your own authentic happiness and freedom.

Module 5: Creating Your Game Worth Playing

  • This module will give you the tools and awareness to ensure that the model you’re moving towards for your life and career is indeed a WORKING model, a “Game Worth Playing”––a routine, carefully designed blueprint outlining the way in which you’ll go about living, working and creating income. It must feel deeply and personally meaningful so that you can adhere to it long term without burning out or selling out, while still maintaining the ability to fund your lifestyle of choice. Because the thing is, even the work you LOVE to do can become the work you DESPISE if the model of work you follow (your schedule, workload, and capacity for income) doesn’t ensure your work will be both FUN and PROFITABLE (most of the time) for the long haul. The model itself has to make sense––it has to be a Game Worth Playing. Otherwise, well… it just won’t make sense to invest in that model or play a game you can’t win. Mapping out and following your Game Worth Playing creates a sort of inside-out integrity in your life where the way you want to feel and the way you operate are congruent and synergistic.
  • As a bonus in this module, you’ll also get my “crash course” on the Law of Attraction including how to effectively interpret your own “inner guidance signals” so that you never sit and blindly entertain toxic, unnecessary stinkin’ thinkin’ OR make a “wrong” decision ever again!

Module 6: Safety Nets, Support and Accountability

  • The content in this one module alone will leave you forever transformed. Because after truly internalizing the power of your “Reference Group” (and how this particular group of people in your life can make you or break you), you’ll never again employ the same unconscious strategies when choosing the company you keep. Plus, when you implement the systems I teach you here, you’ll finally get the support and accountability of your very own mastermind team that will steer you clear of procrastination, overwhelm, and confusion, and help launch your life into a whole new realm of possibility.

Bonus Module: Tweaking Your Goals for Greater Chances of Success

  • If you’ve ever wondered why SOME of your goals and New Years Resolutions were joyfully achieved, while many others were sadly or shamefully abandoned, now you’ll know the differentiating secret. This bonus audio will equip you with the “magic formula” for ensuring that all of your goals from here forward will not only be achievable, but SO achievable that you can bet your LIFE and your first born child on seeing them through. This training is actually less about “tweaking the goals” and more about peacefully negotiating between all the conflicting “parts” of yourself that are all too often at war with one another. Getting (and keeping) that healing dialogue going is foundational to lasting success.

In as little as 7 days after beginning this course…

You could have the entire framework and structure of your new lifestyle design plan completely built out.

And if you don’t already know what your “life’s work” or your true heart callings are, you’ll likely walk away with crystal clarity on that too.

Then as you continue:

  • following your lifestyle design plan,
  • producing and working in total harmony with your “Game Worth Playing”, (so you always feel the way you want to feel and function the way you want to function),
  • getting reliable support and accountability from your very own mastermind team,
  • appropriately interpreting the signals coming from your interior guidance, and
  • utilizing all the tools you’ve learned to heal self-sabotage at the ROOT and harmonize all the previously conflicted parts of your personality into one fully functioning, integrated, healthy WHOLE…

You will come to consistently BEHAVE as the conscious engineer of your own life.

And from there? That just-out-of-reach version of you will seem a lot closer. Or even better — it’ll just be you.

So no more NOT knowing what to do in order to get where you want to go. Because we’ll be right in there with you, every time you stumble.

So all that is included when you enroll in LifeLaunch 3.0.

You’ll take your power back, put on your grown-up pants, and start moving joyfully in the direction of your dreams. Only THIS time, you won’t be standing in your own way.

We won’t let you.

LifeLaunch Formula 3.0: Design a Life You Love

Get Launched

How the training works:

  • You’ll get instant access to a members-only website where you can go at your own pace and digest the training in the comfort of your own home or even on the road (with mp3 audio recordings and a private online journal).
  • On top of your lifestyle design education, you’ll get cutting-edge spirituality and self-awareness training in every module.
  • This training also features a detailed FAQ archive as well as its very own dedicated Facebook group for your comments, questions and feedback – so you can interact with your fellow LifeLaunchers, my team and me, share your insights and breakthroughs, and get the support you need on a daily basis.
  • You’ll get access to done-for-you calculators that will tackle all of your number crunching and financial planning with the click of a button. All you have to do is plug in your numbers and expenditures and voila!… instant road map with measurable and attainable benchmarks. You may use and re-use these calculators as many times as you need to as you progress forward along your path towards greater ease and abundance.
  • Best of all, with your enrollment into LifeLaunch, you automatically get access to the’Taming the Self Saboteur’ (TSS), ‘Mastermind’ and ‘Work It!’ call archives (about 3 years of 3X/month group calls). TSS directly addresses and unravels the root causes of self-sabotage, paralyzing fear, performance anxiety, and the most common habits and perspectives that all too often squash our highest goals and dreams. The Mastermind call ensures you’ll stay consistent with the most necessary and fundamental leadership and marketing actions that will keep your eye on the ball and your business engine purring. And the Work It! class uses The Work of Byron Katie to bust open your limiting beliefs about… well, everything.

Piece of cake. Well, except for all that inner work.

You’ll finally feel like you’re in alignment with your true self and living up to your full potential. You’ll stop playing the waiting game and squandering your energy — and time, and money — trying shit that doesn’t work, wondering if your big break (or breakthrough) is ever gonna come along.

THIS is your big break.

LifeLaunch Formula 3.0: Design a Life You Love

Get Launched

Note: This program is not for everyone.

(I’ll go ahead and make this loud and clear so you don’t miss it.)

WARNING! This program is NOT for anyone who’s easily offended, lazy, or looking for a magical fix for all of your problems. It’s also not for anyone who isn’t willing to try new things in order to learn a whole new way of thinking and operating.

This program also requires patience. You can’t redesign your lifestyle and career overnight.
I mean, c’mon.

The course may take you a week or two to complete (not including the ongoing support part), but the mindset and skill set you acquire in this program will need to be practiced for life.

Just like you can’t do ONE yoga practice and expect your body to stay strong, flexible and healthy forever, you also can’t spend ONE week going through this material, then not apply any of it and expect to see lasting change in your lifestyle, career, relationships, and overall satisfaction.

Here are a few of the many benefits you can expect from the lifelaunch course:

  • Strategies and internal shifts you need to build the life YOU want. (There is no pressure here to build a million dollar business if that’s not what you want!)
  • Clarity on what to do next so you can finally create the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself!
  • A permanent shift out of “scarcity mentality” and into a lifestyle of abundance with a focus on making a BIG difference in the world.
  • An up-level in your self-confidence, self-worth, and relationship and communication skills.
  • Interaction and feedback from like-minded, really amazing human beings who are “on a level” just like you and going through the program at the same time.
  • Proven tools and methodologies for raising your own energy levels. You’ll get a lot more done in less time, so you can spend more time with those who mean the most to you!
  • Consistent, joyful action on the projects that will bring you the most spiritual and financial profit.
  • A stronger ability to tune into your internal guidance to support your business and life decisions.
  • You’ll get to AVOID the pain and disappointment of letting life pass you by, having never gone after your dream with your full heart and commitment! (Now is your chance to make SURE that won’t happen!)

Rave reviews

Sara Harmon

“If you’re a yoga teacher, holistic practitioner or coach, and you want to be at the top in your field, Kris is your girl.”

Suzanne Monroe
Founder and CEO, The International Association of Wellness Professionals
Steve Hubbard

“Kris’ crystal clear systems gave me a rock solid foundation to create a 6 figure income while still enjoying mamahood with twin babies!”

Racheal Baxter Cook
RYT MBA Richmond, Virginia Founder | Conscious Business Coach
Dian McCain

“You have given me earth shattering clarity and unshakable confidence. This stuff works. What a huge value this program is… Thank you!!!”

Kristin Planinz Lampasas
TX Licensed Acupuncturist and Wellness Coach

“Doing the exercise felt great and…brought me great clarity about where I want to go from there. And now look at me, I’m officially the Bedroom Joyologist!!…”

“When I first started this course, I was caught up in thinking “what do I want my career to be, what do I want to be doing??!” As I continued on, I felt so much better. I went into the feelings that I wanted to experience daily – love, laughter and lots of fun. Doing the exercise felt great and reminded me of a few experiences that I really enjoyed back in the day, which brought me great clarity about where I want to go from there. And now look at me, I’m officially the Bedroom Joyologist!! Thank you!”

Allison Braun
Canada, The Bedroom Joyologist
Naoko Morita

“My life now feels incredibly well balanced and I have a strong and narrow focus.”

“I’ve finally gotten clear about what I want and can offer to the world! My life now feels incredibly well balanced and I have a strong and narrow focus.I just started, but I already feel so satisfied and grateful for the huge shifts I’ve experienced in my mindset, sense of abundance, clarity, and joy… and I know that this is just the beginning! Thank you Kris! You ROCK!!”

Naoko Morita
New York, NY, USA Yoga Teacher, Dancer, and Coach

Is this program right for you?

This program is for you if you:

  • sense that you have something meaningful and significant to contribute to the world, but you’re not yet DOING IT because you’re too distracted by your own stressful lifestyle, schedule, TO DO list, and financial LACK (whether real or perceived)
  • have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to incorporate “internal guidance” into your work and life so you can steer your ship in a more “downstream” direction (you’re tired of making everything HARD and working against yourself all the time)
  • want to ditch the drama, stop procrastinating, and start taking action towards achieving your vision
  • are watching your life whiz by and quietly fear you haven’t even scratched the surface of your true potential
  • are coachable and 100% ready for a mentor to show you the exact steps to take and the right strings to pull to access the life you deeply desire to live – starting NOW
  • crave “living full out” and being “fully self-expressed” but can’t seem to do it consistently
  • believe life is meant to be joyous, playful and fun – but have no idea how to access that reality when your “real life” is a whole different bag
  • have resonated with and found value in my Lifestyle Design videos and exercises, Abundant Yogi Insights, interviews, public talks, blog, and/or events, and have been waiting for an affordable way to gain personal access to me and ask me whatever questions your little heart desires!

LifeLaunch Formula 3.0: Design a Life You Love

Get Launched

This program is NOT for you if you are:

  • the “Yogier-than-thou” or “holier-than-thou” type who sees making a great living doing what you love as greedy, superficial or less-than-spiritual (you will NOT be happy here, I promise!)
  • closed off to experimenting with new ideas, strategies and exercises you’ve never done before
  • closed off to IMPLEMENTING ideas, strategies and exercises you might’ve done variations of in the past but didn’t get LASTING results with (*NOTE: subtle tweaks can make a huge difference and so can the right support and accountability!)
  • wishy-washy, skeptical and addicted to complaining or blaming others for your experience
  • dedicated to your “story” of why life sucks and nothing works the way you want it to
  • aggressive, argumentative, disagreeable or just an all-around pain in the rear
  • raring to intellectually debate ideas rather than implement them and get results
  • gossipy or dramatic and unwilling to ditch that shit TODAY
  • easily offended by words like ass, bootie, bullshit or any other variations of the classic 4 letterers (which I only use for playful emphasis, but I use them nonetheless)
  • looking for me to “prove” anything to you (I will NOT do it!)

Here’s what you get:

OldKey Coaching With Me & the AY Team via the Members-Only Website to help you master the mindset and skill-set that will bring more fun, creativity, self-expression, abundance and satisfaction into your daily life. Each content-rich module includes one or more audio trainings averaging 35-50 minutes in duration and is comprised of transformational tools, ideas and strategies for your life and career.Value $997.00
AY_LLF_AudioDownload Audio Archives of All Modules so you can turn your car into a university on wheels or listen to the recordings as often as you like via your MP3 player or computer.Value $297.00
notes Printable Private Journal Entries, Clarity Exercises, and “Done For You” Financial Calculators so you can finally get the tools to become fiercely deliberate about the lifestyle you choose, how you manage yourself in time, the energy you expend, the habits and rituals that shape your results, and of course your financial inflow, outflow and optimization.Value $297.00

As Tony Robbins says…

“To create real change you can’t just dabble with new information. You must absolutely IMMERSE yourself not only in NEW information… but in a very carefully designed ENVIRONMENT that will quite literally re-wire your old habits that no longer serve you and that have been keeping you stuck…

And allow you instead to begin modeling the correct behaviors and taking the RIGHT set of actions CONSISTENTLY that will bring about success.”

Whether you’re a fan or not, the guy has PROVEN time and time again that:

This approach is the best way to get results.

And it’s that — that immersion, that guidance, that support — that spells the difference between success and stagnation.

Total Value: over $3,019.00

Total Cost: Way Less!

More rave reviews

Dena Stoltz

“In just a few short months, I quit doing work that didn’t inspire me, sold my house, and moved my whole family to Alaska for the adventure my heart had been yearning for!”

A really close friend who had been through Kris’ program suggested I take the plunge and do the same. I am so grateful for that advice! As a result, I quit doing work that didn’t inspire me, sold my house, and moved my whole family to Alaska for the adventure my heart had been yearning for!” My whole family is getting the benefit of this program because my husband is also going after his dream to be a helicopter pilot and we moved to a place that is aligned with our needs for outdoor rec and adventure. With Kris’ LLF, I designed MY perfect lifestyle and then had the tools and confidence to go out and make it happen.

Dena Stoltz
Boise, ID, USA, Yoga Teacher, Blogger, Virtual Assistant & Mom;
kerry teppedino

“It reminded me of the importance of choice when taking an active role in designing a reality that lights me up.”

LifeLaunch Formula opened my eyes even more to the fact that I can create a life that I love. It reminded me of the importance of choice when taking an active role in designing a reality that lights me up. I enjoyed the fact that I could take the course at my own pace and fit it into my schedule, as to not create more stress. I look forward to more to come!

Kerry Tepedino
Meredith Bowerman

“One of my biggest AHAS! was oh wow – it’s about how I feel, not how or what I am thinking.”

Slowly, by leaning into my intuition (Kris taught me to trust that!) and really slowing down, I have gained huge ground in my personal habits. Kris always says – how you do anything is how you do everything. In slowing down, breathing more, understanding ALL about Monkey Mind and totally understanding that sometimes, it takes a simple headstand to shift some energy or dance around the kitchen until I feel better. I was working from a mental perspective and not from an emotional perspective. One of my biggest AHAS! was oh wow – it’s about how I feel, not how or what I am thinking. So used to numbing out, this was probably the biggest and most challenging habit to break. Absolutely so happy and grateful to be a part of Kris’s work and well she is an amazing woman that completely puts entire heart out there and THAT – I admire!

Meredith Bowerman
Health Coach Extraordinaire, Fitness Expert for Boomers (60+ years), Transformation that's Sexy, Flexy, and Fun

LifeLaunch Formula 3.0: Design a Life You Love

Get Launched

What you need in order to participate:

  • A telephone (for the live Q&A calls)
  • Access to the Internet (to watch, listen to, and/or download video and audio files and PDFs)
  • That’s it!

Why this course exists:

For several years, I’ve been working privately with clients and my rate is fairly high at $500 per hour.

This course is like having me work with you 6 days in a row, which would cost at least $3,000! (And that’s if you plow through it all at once, which most people don’t.) Working at your own pace, it could take several weeks or even months to complete the training. And retaining my services that whole time? Pssssshhhh…f’get about it.

Not everyone can afford that kind of intensive support.

So my goal here is to give you access to the same foundational training my private clients get (I actually make it mandatory for every one of them to do this course because the training is foundational to the coaching we do together), but for much less money! I want to make this deeply satisfying and magical lifestyle available to as many people as possible.

For less than it costs to go on a weekend yoga retreat (which is awesome, but certainly fleeting) here, you’re getting the keys to unlock the door to your happiest, most satisfying career and the lifestyle and joyful way of being you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

Which includes making the money you want to make and having the schedule you want to have so that you can afford to go on MANY more retreats… for years and years to come (and perhaps host many of your own retreats)!

Do the math –– there’s no comparison!

Not even a 4-year degree can provide you this clear of a roadmap to your ideal lifestyle. You have to have the help of someone who’s gone before you and already accomplished what you want to accomplish, to light the way for you, show you the ropes, and steer you clear of major bumps in the road.

I’m here to do that for you, and to bring you into a collective community of supportive, far-reaching and BRILLIANT individuals, just like you, who can take you WAY beyond where you’d ever get to on your own.

You’ll never get to be this exact person, this exact age, with these exact desires and intentions again, so why the hell not trust those desires and find out where they’ve been nudging you to go?

It is also my intention to heal the “wealth wounds”, money issues, and other toxic tendencies in the yoga and spiritual communities that unknowingly foster guilt, internal conflict, unnecessary suffering, and all sorts of judgments geared towards suppressing the “desire” for a better life (as though that’s a bad thing).

I want to give people their LIVES back.

Tell them it’s okay to want what they want and choose what they choose.

Isn’t our purpose to explore and grow for the sake of pure joy?

I want you to be wildly successful and unapologetically, unabashedly true to yourself.

I want you to be wildly successful and unapologetically, unabashedly true to Self… and to create and share a whole lot of abundance and joyful adventures in the process.

Think you’re in the right place?

Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee


Go through the training, fully participate in your education and personal development — and if, after 30 days of working with us, you don’t feel that the profound material in this program is worth every penny and more, and you don’t feel that it’s moving you in the exact direction you want to go — not only will you get your money back, but you get to keep the course in its virtual entirety because all of the content is downloadable.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you follow this program and implement the tools you are given, you will experience a radical transformation in your life and business—guaranteed.

This course will give you a roadmap to inner and outer FREEDOM like you’ve never experienced it before.

How do I know?

I live the strategies. I know with every cell in my body that this system, as a whole, has the power to transform your life (and even life on our planet) forever.

If you want the fastest, most direct route to a consistently magnificent and rich experience of living and creating (whatever that looks like for YOU) then you can stop looking.

You ARE in the right place, at exactly the right time.

LifeLaunch Formula 3.0: Design a Life You Love

Get Launched

Even more rave reviews

Antiqua Libbey

“I found my joyous calling and tripled my income. I could not thank Kris enough for her support, clarity and love.”

Antiqua Libbey
Anchorage, Alaska Founder
Tanya Peters

“The content of this program I think is one of those things that everyone should be exposed to in order to live a life that is more fulfilling and one that is truly you.”

I think LLF is a great place for everyone to start when working with Kris since it familiarizes you with language and foundational concepts that will always come up in all the other work you will do with her. I recommend this (and any of Kris’s programs). The content of this program I think is one of those things that everyone should be exposed to in order to live a life that is more fulfilling and one that is truly you. Not only does Kris give wisdom but ways to implement it and find what is true for each individual. You know that Kris has been there and continually does this work for herself too.

Tanya Peters
Massage therapist and budding entrepreneur San Diego, CA

Alright, enough dilly dally. Get in here, you!

By the way…

Monkey Mind may be chittering away in the background, trying to talk you out of this.

One of its biggest jobs (and favorite pastimes) is to say, “This isn’t it. This isn’t what is supposed to happen. Things should be different than they are.”

Notice if that’s happening.

You have a powerful, annoying “Monkey Mind” just like we all do.

Expect it to present some convincing arguments for NOT doing this program. To overcome this challenge (like any Monkey Mind challenge), listen to your heart, not your fear and doubt – which are never your truth.

The simple fact that you found your way to this page (and read all the way down here!) tells me that you must know in your heart that you are meant to live out the lifestyle and vision you carry inside.

Either that, or you just really like to read.

Somehow you found this program. If it speaks to you, trust your gut.

Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Do it now.

LifeLaunch Formula 3.0: Design a Life You Love

Get Launched

Don’t spend any more time spinning your wheels while that next-level version of you remains stubbornly out of reach.

If you start today, in as little as one week from now you could be well on your way to designing and manifesting every aspect of the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

You will become the powerful YOU you were born to be, and you’ll have more to give back to the world.

Won’t that feel AMAZING?

I’ll see you over there.



Kris Circle 200x200 PHD

P.S. If you still haven’t made the decision to apply for this program and yet, here you are, all the way down at the bottom of the letter…

GUESS WHAT! You are in a prime position for a big PHAT Aha!

See if your mind is spinning.

Listen to it. Give it a voice.

What is it saying?

Don’t edit yourself. Instead, grab your journal or get out a piece of scratch paper and write down the exact thoughts that Monkey Mind is trying to get you to subscribe to.

This is trickery. These are the stories your mind is using to stop you from taking a step outside of your comfort zone to get what you truly want. Stories like: “I just need to think about it”; “I don’t have the money”; “She is just trying to sell me something”…

Are yours similar?

*NOTE: Pay close attention to what your Monkey Mind stories are as they’re the same ones it will use again and again to sabotage you – to get you to “play it safe” when you could otherwise be on the verge of a very powerful turning point in your life!

Now, just breathe and watch your mind without necessarily believing it. Say the words, “I’m back.” Say them out loud. Now tune into your heart.

What does your heart say?

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

How will you ever know if you’ll fail or if you’ll succeed beyond your wildest dreams unless you go for it?

Click on the button below now if you’ve had enough of the mental spinning.

LifeLaunch Formula 3.0: Design a Life You Love

Get Launched

[Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure an accurate representation of this program and its potential. Each person’s success depends on his or her natural tendencies, motivation, dedication, and desire. Facts and figures on this page are believed to be accurate but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.]