There’s no question – I was born to do this.

As were so many of the people who’ve come to us to get trained and certified in Lifestyle Design Coaching™.

While I no longer take on 1-1 coaching clients myself because I’m solely focused on training other coaches and offering deep support in our group coaching programs, I’ve coached people ranging from Billionaire entrepreneurs to newbie yoga teachers to stay-at-home Moms who just want to make a little extra income on the side doing something that feels fun and fulfilling.

The common denominator amongst everyone Abundant Yogi works with is an ache for authenticity and true freedom including gaining the self-awareness and fully embodying the SKILL (it actually requires a HUGE amount of skill) to be authentically themselves (and authentically TRUE to themselves) all the time – undiminished and uncompromised.

Getting there is a sweet, tender, heart opening, empowering and sometimes WILDLY frightening and challenging process, but that’s the work we do. Consider that both a promise and a warning.

Every few months, my team and I open up a very limited amount of coaching slots to people wanting an exploratory coaching session with us. These are actual coaching sessions often going 90+ minutes in length, not just a pitch. They delve deep into a person’s goals and vision, as well as the missing skills, limiting habits, or other challenges that are slowing down their progress. Through the process we facilitate, not only does each person walk away clearer, more grounded, and much more hopeful than when they first came to us, but they also exit with a solid decision about whether or not AY and our programs are for them.

If it DOES turn out that we have a match, we’ll make an offer and invite the person into our programs. Upon their acceptance, they’ll dive into our training and support outlets to get to work on strengthening the exact “muscles” that need to be strengthened within them in order to BE who they most want to be and live the life they’ve always envisioned for themselves, both personally and professionally.

If you’re considering coaching with us and you want to make sure it’s a good fit for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have an “ache” for authenticity, i.e. giving myself the permission to be true to myself in all my relationships and endeavors – business and personal?
  • Do I crave the ability to do the work I love in a sustainable and profitable way, without burning out or selling out?
  • Is there an inner stirring that I need to pay attention to, something within me that needs my love and focus in order for me to feel nourished, whole, complete – free from all resentment in all areas of my life?
  • Do I feel that I have something meaningful and significant to contribute to the world, but need direction, support and the occasional kick-in-the-rear to actually “birth” my vision?
  • Can I feel myself holding back, like there’s so much in my heart that I want to share, create or express – but I deny, censor, or edit myself for fear of getting it “wrong”?
  • Do I miss myself? Are there parts of me that are secretly withering because I’m not listening to my deeper needs and heart callings?
  • Do I long for the capacity to tune into my authentic inner experience and fully identify my wants, needs and what is important to me, DISTINCT from what is important to others or to my business?
  • Do I crave real INTIMACY in love and friendship, i.e. do I want to strengthen my ability to vulnerably let others into my inner world, allowing them to see the messy or less developed parts of who I am?
  • Do I long for deeper, more supportive relationships – especially with myself – and an unshakable sense of purpose, self-worth, and self-trust?
  • Am I watching my life whiz by in quiet desperation because it feels like I haven’t even scratched the surface of my true potential?
  • Do I get overwhelmed and exhausted frequently and recognize that my current schedule and work routine is not only unsustainable… but imbalanced?
  • Do I often feel resentful towards my work (or even my clients/students) because I know I’m not getting paid my worth?
  • Do I aspire to turn my knowledge, life experience, and expertise into products, programs and services that virtually guarantee regular clients and consistent income?
  • Does it bring me great relief to imagine having systems in place that may even generate income while I sleep?
  • Do I wish I had a real life mentor who could show me the exact steps to take to access the life I deeply desire to live …starting NOW?
  • Do I LOVE Kris’s Lifestyle Design videos, interviews, or Live events, and have I been waiting for a chance to work with her personally?
If several or perhaps ALL of the above resonate, click the watercolor button below to get in line for a complimentary coaching session.
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What others are saying:

Kristin Planinz
I have found more joy in following Kris’ coaching and advice than anything else I can think of. I'm not as hard on myself anymore, and I have more joy in each moment. I've totally taken the pressure off, which is huge for me. The skill she taught me to implement in every area of my life is allowing me the freedom to create my life exactly how I want it.
Angelena Bosco Raw Food Coach and Author
Since working with Kris I have had more F-U-N and felt more present from moment to moment than EVER before. Plus, I can’t think of a single time when I found myself feeling STUCK that she didn’t already have the perfect tool or resource on its way to my inbox… signed, sealed and delivered. When I first enrolled in her coaching program, I THOUGHT it was to grow my raw food business. While she did give me all the tools to do that (and then some!), in the process she helped me discover where I wasn’t being truly honest with myself about what I REALLY wanted, which was to stop being a self-help junkie, continually looking to “fix” myself, and finally get in touch with my REAL truth; NOT what I tell myself I “should” be doing, but what my soul really craves. I’m proud to say I’ve given myself permission to follow my heart, not my head. And as a result, opportunities, support and income are flowing in from sources I would’ve never had access to before.
Allison Braun
Best year ever: Invested in personal growth, met 15 new best friends, started my own business out of passion, got comfortable being on camera and speaking in front of others, started waking up out of inspiration, stayed in the most beautiful open air jungle house, swam in two infinity pools, got married in the mountains to my soul mate, started making profit in my new business (amazing!), made more best friends, learned more about taking action, made a music video complete with dance moves, hired a personal trainer and nutritionist.
Debby Andersen Pilates and Breathwork Expert, Founder of The Breath Link
I’m so impressed with myself! I knew when I enrolled in coaching with Kris that I was ready for a massive lifestyle upgrade but I was a little skeptical that things would transpire as quickly as I wanted them to. I’m not even halfway through my 6-month program with her and already I’ve brought on several new yoga and breathwork clients, dramatically deepened my intimate relationships, and I’m literally days away from launching my Ayurvedic course online! I had absolutely zero experience with business before Kris and now I’m feeling pretty official! 🙂 Thank you Kris for giving me every single step I needed to move forward, get my life and my schedule back, and re-discover the passion I have for what I do and the joy it brings me!
Jennifer Waugh Lifestyle Coach
Kris has given me all that I needed. And her new Lifestyle Design Coaching certification feelsl like it was made for me! Being so involved with Landmark Education over the years, I was accustomed to putting more pressure on myself about the way things "should" be. Here with Kris, I found freedom. The pressure was taken off. I feel so at peace with how things are, I'm not stressed out anymore... I feel complete, like I’m not grasping for anything.
Brittany Becher Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach
I loved how, when talking through the nuts and bolts of what could be possible money wise, for the first time EVER, I got a clear picture about how I could potentially join yoga and coaching together with my own personal brand and finally let go of my draining, inauthentic corporate job! I saw right away, crunching numbers with Kris, that if I charge my normal yoga rate, I'll never get past where I am. But now, with her help, and by doing her Lifestyle Design Coach training, I can see how to do what I feel is my purpose and passion, charge what I need to charge, and leverage other streams of income without compromising myself. It will definitely take time, and Kris didn't sugarcoat that... but I can do this. It will be hard but it's within my grasp. The precise clarity I feel is what will make this become reality!"
Jennifer Lake Owner / Founder, Be One Yoga
Just one session with Kris helped me to determine the #1 action I most need to be taking in my business that has the highest potential to serve me. She also helped me quantify the literal dollar figure that I'm losing out on every single month by NOT taking this action––what an eye opener THAT was! And I must say, she demonstrated an uncanny ability to keep me focused on the task at hand, to keep me from rambling or veering off to what was fluff or excuses. She helped me establish a much deeper understanding of what has been keeping me from moving forward towards my financial and lifestyle goals. Now I'm super excited to start her LifeLAUNCH program and implement what she helped me uncover.
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Pam Cline Yoga Teacher and Co-Owner of Smart Projectz
Having Kris’ no B.S. feedback, clear direction, and unwavering support during my transition from a 6-figure job layoff to being my own boss in my own organization was an absolute MUST for me. I seriously couldn’t have pulled it off without her. She helped me through some really tough times and never once did she let me play small or stop believing in myself. It was no accident that I found her! This woman came into my life when I most needed her to and THANK GOD I listened to that part of me that told me to go for it and never look back! I still have to remind myself everyday that I’m the one driving the bus… but it’s exactly what I wanted! She will always be a guiding light in my life. Thank you, Kris, for helping me see where a really open mind and body can take you! Love you!
Jaden Stauder Yoga Teacher & Founder, Jaden Yoga
I have paid for business and marketing courses in the past that ended up being a waste of money and a disappointment – I wasn’t held accountable, the facilitators weren’t available, and the steps felt like a huge daunting task because they weren’t broken down into doable exercises. So when I was looking into this program, because of my past experiences, I was a bit skeptical. But I really appreciated your classes and exercises and felt as though you were speaking directly to me. You had overcome the exact same frustrations I’ve had my whole career as a yoga instructor. And now I have all the tools spelled out for me that I can easily follow! You exceeded my expectations. You helped me through my huge sticking points, helped me get clarity, feel inspired, and really listened to. Your coaching took me to a new level of motivation, and now I’m totally excited about my business development. You are an amazing facilitator. I highly recommend you and look forward to continuing to work with you because you are amazing and you make me feel amazing.Thank you so much Kris!
Naoko Morita Yoga Teacher, Dancer, and Coach
I seriously spent 6 months searching for a private business coach and when I found Kris, I instantly knew she was the one for me! Since working with Kris, I’ve finally gotten clear about what I want and can offer to the world! I’m learning so much about what it really takes to run a fun and profitable business, and how easily I can market and manage it all from home. Kris’ coaching is honest and direct, and she makes sure that I’m heading down the right path. My life now feels incredibly well balanced and I have a strong and narrow focus as I gear up for my big launch. I just started with Kris less than 3 months ago, so I’m still going through all her virtual programs, but I already feel so satisfied and grateful for the huge shifts I’ve experienced in my mindset, sense of abundance, clarity, and joy… and I know that this is just the beginning! Thank you Kris... you ROCK!!
Jena Baird “Birth with Yoga” Prenatal Yoga Coach
I am loving this program. I had no idea how much detail you’d cover with all the online information! I’ve had some ideas about offering an online course for some time, but I wasn’t clear about it until I took your course and it all came together. Now I can see all the details from beginning to end and I’m having a blast working on my website. This work with Kris has inspired my personal life and my family, while giving me the tools to create an online course that I am very passionate about. Just last night I taught prenatal yoga to the women at my studio and it gives me so much energy. I love preparing women for birth — such a life changing event. How exciting to spread the wisdom of yoga’s principles as it applies to giving birth! Looking forward to spreading the techniques to all the world. Thanks a bunch for your wonderful course!Blessings,
Wendy Obstler Certified Yoga Therapist
"As Kris took me through her coaching process and exercises, I felt a literal shift in my body. I moved from a very sober surveying of my current reality (and all that isn't working for me about it) to painting the very specific picture of the ideal but REALISTIC outcome I aim to create within 6 months. And I could feel CLARITY, which was scary and empowering all at once. Finally, with Kris' unwavering support, I was able to move through a deep fear that seems to have been standing in my way for quite some time, and that was pretty darn powerful! I came to this really lovely space inside myself of "nothing is permanent... and I am willing to feel what I need to feel to move forward." I was immediately able to connect with Kris because of her very real, present authenticity. Her just being herself put me at ease, such that I was able to connect more deeply with myself and the challenges I was facing. What a gift the session was!"
Carrie Williams
I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have had a coaching session with Kris. As a clinical social worker/therapist, it was helpful to take the seat of the student/client. The coaching session allowed me to feel and identify with the challenges my own clients have when attempting to open up and reveal themselves, their struggles and desires. I appreciated the sense of Kris being Kris the entire session. Her authenticity put me at ease. I discovered that I'm interested in potentially transitioning from counselor to coach myself, and this session gave me insight into what that might look like.
Linnea Jensen-Stewart Yoga Instructor / LinneaJensenYoga
I have so many take-aways from my session with you Kris... thank you! Not only was it a safe space to explore what's NOT working for me in my life and career, and to own up to all the places where I've been standing in my own way, but I've gained clarity about what I can start doing to get and STAY in action despite my fear and overwhelm. You helped remind me of my own strength, and see many things that have been stopping me from bringing my vision for my personal brand and my yoga teaching career to life. Thank you for giving me clarity and helping to remind me that fear is okay, and even better, it can be the fuel that helps create new pathways and propel me into action. I'm excited to start the LifeLAUNCH program with you and get the continued support I need so I can get on with helping more people come alive through my personal vision. Thanks for the kick in the butt and the nudge to leap despite how intimidating the jump is.
Julie Schmidt Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Energy Healer, Life Coach
I just want to thank you for the most productive life-changing year… it’s been so great. I’ve made so many changes. I’ve got this whole new stream of income and I’m not just kinda sitting and wallowing in my pain, resentment and anger like I was a year ago when I found you. And it’s because of my work with you.

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