Once upon a time, there was a hard-working business owner who changed lives for a living. While she was a natural teacher, uplifter, and deeply passionate about her work, she was unfortunately still dependent on a separate “day job” to pay the bills –– and she desperately wanted to change that. She wanted to be financially self-sufficient and consistently productive doing the work she loved.

But there was just one tiny problem: Despite her skills, she didn’t know how to get clients or make the kind of money she needed to make to leave her day job and still live comfortably. So she felt stuck. And tired. And completely overwhelmed and confused by where to start and what to do to finally start living the life she knew she was capable of. (We know, that sentence ends in a preposition.)

Enter: Abundant Yogi.

(That’s us.) We’re the official fixers of this problem. We provide training, nourishment, clarity and support to the uplifters of the world so they can do the work they love PROFITABLY. We teach the art of lifestyle design and the science of doing business the smart way.

Here at Abundant Yogi, we don’t rely on lofty, impractical advice or regurgitated marketing speak; rather, we’re experts in the science of human behavior. Because at the core of every transaction is a human. And at the core of every human? Is precisely what will change everything. …Once you understand how, that is.

You won’t find many people on the planet as obsessed with Lifestyle Design (AKA Freedom) and Lucrative Self-Realization as I am. I’m relentless.

The biggest role I play with my clients and on this team?  I’m the desire clarifier; the nourisher; the freedom protector; the grounding force; the limiting belief crusher; the truth barometer. I help ensure that every action taken and every decision made is supportive of, and in alignment with, how we want to feel and who we are consciously becoming.

As YOU interact with me here, 100% of my focus will be on your deepest clarity and self-care and your most lucrative self-realization, i.e. empowering you to do what you love without burning out or selling out, and still have your work fund your lifestyle of choice.

Because why live half-asleep and by default, just reacting to life (often very fearfully), when we can be fully awake and expressed, right where we are… emotionally self-reliant, deeply connected and really contributing the very best of who we are to ourselves and to the world? And why not continually evolve ourselves and engineer all the ingredients of our lives on purpose and by design––including our freest career and schedule; where and how we live; our relationships; even how we want to FEEL most of the time? As for a sneak peak into personal me, I’m a part-time bootie-droppin’ hip hop dancer, interior designer, fashionista, yoga teacher, foodie and toddler mama. An eclectic and fun mixed bag!

I’m on a Mindful Marketing Mission.

My religion is to do good in this world. Plain and simple. My doctrine is to show people that there is a better, more effective way to go about trying to influence people to want to buy their stuff, and it doesn’t have to include greed or hype. It doesn’t have to include slapping people in the face with sleazy sales pitches or obnoxious offers or spamming their friends, family and strangers. It doesn’t have to include blanketing a huge undifferentiated group of people with a one-fits-all message in hopes that a tiny fraction will respond. Most people who do this do it by default –– and it’s no more fun for them than it is for those they are trying to influence or persuade.

Marketing done mindfully makes selling easy and oftentimes completely unnecessary. It works regardless of your business or business model. Oh, and all that resistance you feel about approaching people for fear of being rejected? It’s simple to overcome once you understand how to truly be of service and make relevant offers to the right people at the right time, and you demonstrate very basic leadership skills. It’s this same understanding and these same skills that I leverage and teach on a daily basis both as head trainer of AY and CEO of this enterprise.  On a personal note, I’m a passionate rock climber, kiteboarder, skydiver, skateboarder, stilt walker, and in business with my WIFE (that’s the trickiest sport of them ALL, but I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it over the last 10+ years!).

I’m not the newest kid on the block, having been a student for a number of years, but one day jumped the fence into the AY backyard.

So here’s me. I’m the innovator of the bunch. I like the details and I like to wrangle them in a way that advances our internal systems and improves customer experience. This usually takes shape in the form of designing systems or processes that are lean and effective. I love to solve complex problems and push projects toward an ideally realized state. I’ve a strong history in Quality Assurance — read, high standards of excellence and am conscious of the details. So, being someone that works primarily behind the curtain greasing wheels and turning knobs, you’ll get processes that are well thought out, scalable, and work well. I’m a client-side programmer and have a blast with all that webbie-type stuff. But for me, it’s not about 0’s and 1’s, it’s more about figuring out the process to make it all happen. I’m pretty fearless when it comes to forging over new terrain. In fact, if I don’t get to learn anything, it takes half the fun!

Playtime to me means re-inventing something at my little farmhouse-chic abode. I’m a voracious reader and thrive on being grounded. I’m ever-flanked by my three kids with an adventure afoot. And usually, I’m ready for it.

I’m the down-to-earth problem-solver and process builder who has a way with words and a passion for explaining things in a way anyone can understand.

I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way. Not on purpose, mind you, but most of what I know was self-taught out of necessity. Being that I’m always eager to learn and apply new ideas, I’m proud to say I’m still a work in progress…and always will be.

Over the years, I’ve decided one of my main purposes in life is to teach people everything I’ve learned (and continue to learn) in order to help them work smarter (not harder) and to live a more fulfilling life. Apart from teaching people in my down-to-earth, heart-to-heart kind of way on the company blog, I employ my knack for looking at complex systems and processes and then break them down into more manageable bite-sized pieces. Once I’ve tamed the beast, I create kick-ass documentation that anyone can easily read and have the knowledge they need to jump in and take the helm.

Outside of work, you might find me going on an adventure with my family in places near and far, trying to capture the endless beauty of the world through the lens of a camera, dabbling in expanding my cooking repertoire, or relaxing with a good crossword puzzle.

I’ve got stories spiraling out of my brain like smoke rings at a Phish concert. I’m in love with Tom Robbins, Danielle LaPorte, and Stephen King, all at the same time. (I’m kind of a player that way.)

When you meet me in person, you may find me rather serious. That’s because I think a lot, I’m an introvert, and I’d rather eat socks than engage in small talk. I’m like a fine cabernet – interesting, complex, but ultimately delicious. I just need to breathe for a while before I can open up.

Writing is where I let loose. It’s where I get loopy and silly and dorky and bold. It’s where I cozy up to the brilliant and throw pizza parties for the inane.

Words jostle around my brain like a never-ending tumble dry cycle. Complete with missing socks. I may have eaten one the last time I went to a party.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading. Or cooking. When the house is dirty, I have a full-on Capricorn freak out. When life gets really stressful and it all feels like too much, I watch What About Bob.

I am the only female presence in a houseful of men — my caring, patient, dad-joke-making husband, and my tiger-striped, box-obsessed cat, who is currently ass-up in the recycling bin.

I am the Vision Holder and Dream Instigator wrapped up in momentum and grace.

I am nourisher by heart and a yoga therapist by trade. My work is my prayer. I invite people to come back home to themselves and create the fertile ground for them to flourish and thrive. My job is to guide you in realizing your highest potential and inspiring the courage to move into it with power and light.

As each one of us turns on our own light to share, I imagine that we must all look like constellations from afar. I believe in collaboration and holding space. I believe in living inspired by the darkness, never defeated. At AY, I coach and guide others in creation and heightened potential to utilize the innate messages written on the heart and attain the tools necessary to live the life most loved. When we are aligned with our purpose and doing what fills us from the inside; happiness is inevitable. Success orbits around happiness and my goal is to share the process of self-actualization and moving through limitation.

What grounds me? I am smitten for the little things; cozy evenings, journaling, my faith, movement, chai, sweaters with thumbholes, acoustic music, my cats, and my sweet husband who keeps me rooted and inspired.

I believe we are all storytellers at our core — and I just love a good story. I bet you have an interesting one.

I’m passionate about helping people fall in love with their own uniqueness. I fiercely believe we’ve all landed on this planet to bring “that thing” that makes “you, you” to the world — and to make this place a whole lot better in the process. I’m a mojo motivator.

Living in a state of wonder about the magical potential in every moment, is where I feel most at home. I’m energized by learning and I totally believe that anything is possible — and, that it’s a whole lot easier with a rockstar team helping you get there.

Through my work with AY, I aim to turn strangers into creative collaborators. I’m here to assist in the growth and support of this insanely cool community. If you’ve found your way to AY, chances are you and I might be speaking very soon (at least I hope we do!). I’m here to help build sustainable relationships with our clients through open and interactive communication. I want to ensure your goals with AY are fully realized and your experience with the process is stellar. It’s all about the journey, right? And I’m here to make yours smooth sailing.

Personally, you’ll find me teaching & practicing yoga, exploring the enchanting world of energy healing, pretending to be a mermaid or listening to my brother rap.