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Tired of burnout, indecision, and the procrastination, frustration and ice-cream binges that follow?

We get it. You’re driven by your vision (albeit sometimes unclear).

There’s emails to respond to, clients to see, a website to build, and — oh yeah, you’ve been meaning to restructure your entire business model as soon as you “find the time.”

It ALL feels like top priority.

Not to mention your (desperate, often failed) attempts to squeeze in a yoga class, chug some green juice, and breathe a gulp of fresh air, before all your hair falls out and you have an old-lady hump, and you get acne.

That, my friend, is what it looks like when Old Man Overwhelm is running the show. (He sucks.)

This free 3-minute tutorial + template is how you jump off the crazy train of ten million competing priorities (and dig yourself out of the to-do-list avalanche).

Move from zero traction on all your plans (and having random meltdowns in the coffee shop) to consistently pinpointing (and executing) your most critical next step, and showing Old Man Overwhelm who’s boss.

Hint — that’s you. The boss.

Here’s what you’re getting:
  • A reusable, digital tool that takes you through a series of clarifying questions and facilitates an instant shift from chronic confusion to full self-trust and single-task-focus.
  • Immediate access to a 3-minute tutorial, including tips to avoid accidentally spinning yourself BACK into overwhelm, as well as the guidance you need to repeat this process anytime you need it.


“‘Baby steps or you’re screwed’ – what a Godsend this teaching has been!”

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped by an overwhelm of ideas, which then leads to doubt in regard to the direction I’m headed. I now know that once I take action in one direction (whichever one I choose), it will soon become clear if that’s the ‘right’ direction. And if it’s not… I can change it!”

– Christine Obee

Join over 100,000 subscribers and trade overwhelm for clarity, traction, and the independence you crave in your life and career.

Download your “Overwhelm Eliminator” now.

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“Watch the tutorial video now and use this tool. All the clarity you need is already in you – and this will pull it right out!”

To your restored sanity and big, bright smile that says “relief!”,
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