(Wolf whistle) Nice brand!

Does your personal brand elicit hoots and hollers from construction workers, or is it feeling a little frumpy?

Mistaken belief #1: A “personal brand” is a craftily concocted persona driven by what sells.

Mistaken belief #2: I must wriggle my way into said persona and wear it (all day every day) like an uncomfortable set of Spanx — if I ever want to be taken seriously.

For the quick and dirty on how to create a personal brand that sizzles (sans Spanx), click the audio player above.

Otherwise, ditch those mistaken beliefs and read on…

Dear Creatives, Coaches & Entrepreneurs-in-Training,

  • Do you know you need a more profitable business model (like… YESTERDAY) in order to keep from burning out?
  • Are you ready to finally feel like you have a SOLID, reputable business that pays REALLY well for the important work you do?
  • Are you dying to know exactly what to say and do in order to attract and enroll your ideal clients, students and customers without being sales-y, pushy, or inauthentic?
  • Are you allergic to any sort of “branding” advice that steers you away from what you feel is your true self?

Good news: Creating a bad-ass personal brand (that makes EVERYONE hoot and holler) is all about drilling down to your most authentic self. Not drifting further and further away from it.

If being sexy were a crime, your brand would be under arrest.

Abundant Yogi PHD: Turn Your “Expensive Hobby” into a Booming Business

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This program works because it’s based on a real experience (mine). Abundant Yogi is a brand fueled by my personality, my core beliefs, and my style, and it feels 100% in line with everything I value.

Leaning into my intuition (and away from conventional wisdom) over the last several years, I’ve created a dream-come-true business that’s not only wildly profitable, but a true expression of my heart and soul. And the best part is––it impacts the lives of thousands of people.




But check this. Ten years ago, I was…

  • So deep into debt I could barely breathe
  • Burnt out from teaching WAY too many yoga and fitness classes
  • Stressed out and completely missing the joy in my life
  • Taking whatever clients and paying gigs I could get
  • Coming home COMPLETELY exhausted every day
  • Getting sick all the time

It was too HARD—physically AND emotionally.

Not to mention the internal battle I was waging.

I was very clear on my need and desire to make money in this business — because money lets me be more of ME, with more buying power and more CHOICES.

But I felt ashamed of that because of the silent “yogier than thou” competition within the yoga and holistically-minded communities I was involved with. It was subtle, but impacting my decisions and behavior nonetheless.

That’s when I decided to get real.

To deny that I loved business, adding value, turning a profit, and designing my lifestyle as much as I loved being a yogi and wellness coach (just so I could be accepted by my “spiritual” community) was a BIG FAT LIE. So…

I stopped lying.

I relaxed into my desires and started trusting them a lot more. I owned my inner bad-ass entrepreneur.

I sought out and mentored under some really amazing people—entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches who were running multi-million dollar businesses built on integrity, style, class, and real value.

I learned everything I could from them, applying all the parts that felt right to me (and leaving the rest).

It took a few years, and it wasn’t all peaches and rainbows.

But I finally let myself be ME (potty mouth and all) on my blog and in my videos, courses and newsletters.

Once I found that sweet spot, everything just started to flow:

  • clients who were happy to pay me what I was worth
  • speaking gigs
  • money left over in my bank account at the end of the month (woohoo!)
  • better relationships
  • the exact schedule I wanted
  • more confidence and creativity
  • the support team I desperately needed (because let’s face it, I was done with just being a “solo-preneur”)

It all went from being ONE HUGE STRUGGLE (or just an expensive hobby) to being exciting, easy — and quite fun, thankyouverymuch.

So that’s how MY personal brand evolved…into Abundant Yogi.

A big part of my struggle came from a lack of know-how — gaps in my skill set that I never learned in teacher trainings. And I devoted TONS of my own time and money toward gaining the knowledge and skills to fill those gaps.

I realized I could take that knowledge and experience and share it with YOU, thereby giving you the coolest shortcut ever (not to mention a huge money-saver) to a profitable, soulful business that ACTUALLY WORKS.

When you enroll in this group coaching program, I’m going to walk you through exactly what I’ve done in my business to go from just getting by to enjoying a multi six figure business that is a dream come true to own and operate, and that allows me to change lives not only locally but all over the planet.


Here’s what you’re going to learn:

The 6 major parts of creating a (hot!) personal brand — and booming biz — that aligns with your core values AND affords you the lifestyle you want:

  • Module 1: The Art and Science of Lifestyle Design – Here we’ll build on the foundation we’ve already created together in the LifeLaunch—so you have EXTREME CLARITY OF DESIRE and can therefore reverse engineer every aspect of your business to provide you your exact preferred lifestyle with ease.
  • Module 2: Becoming BFF’s with Money – How to make money do exactly what you tell it to and go exactly where you want it to go! Here we’ll clean up any “stinkin thinkin” you may still have in the finance department (and beyond) so it won’t get in the way of accomplishing what you came to this planet (and this program) to do.
  • Module 3: Target Market Mastery – How to craft your offer so you never have a client you don’t madly adore ever again! Plus, how to pinpoint your ideal customers’ deepest passions, darkest fears, and biggest buying triggers so you can move the RIGHT people to action without fail… every time! This module will get you crystal clear on what it is you do, the exact outcome you can deliver to people, and how to tell people about what you have to offer in a way that makes it irresistible to your ideal clients.
  • Module 4: Big Picture. Big Bang. Big Bucks. – Everything you need to know about pricing, packaging and creating predictable profits using our ‘Coaching That Converts’™ Method to attract, enroll, and upgrade your ideal clients into the programs that will match their needs and desires with 100% precision. Remember the coaching session you went through in order to qualify for and enroll in LifeLaunch? Well guess who gets to learn the play-by-play of that entire script and system? Aren’t YOU the lucky one!
  • Module 5: Mindful Marketing Makeover – Proven methods for attracting, inspiring, and leading your own tribe of like-minded individuals and raving fans. This will include a detailed checklist of what to look for to make sure your website, copywriting, and marketing materials are ELEGANT and effective…. rather than ewwww embarrassing!
  • Module 6: ‘Me Love You Long Time’ – Secrets of long term business growth. Here we’ll school you on blogs and email broadcasts, social media, launches, “subscriber magnets”, editorial calendars, and time and energy management. So you’ll always know what to do, week in and week out, in order to keep your business growing stronger and stronger by the day while still putting your own joy and well being at the top of the list!

When you complete this course — which will take you roughly 6-8 weeks — you’ll have the entire framework and structure of your lifestyle and business completely built out.

No more NOT knowing what to do next, how to spend your time, or how to make yourself known to the world without being un-you.

You’ll know exactly what to say and do.

Goodbye, frumpy!

Do you have a Band-aid?
I just scraped my knee falling for your brand.

Abundant Yogi PHD: Turn Your “Expensive Hobby” into a Booming Business

Add to Cart for 1 Payment of $2,997

Add to Cart for 3 Payments of $1,098

How it works

  • You’ll get instant access to a members-only website where you can go at your own pace and digest the training in the comfort of your own home or even on the road (with mp3 recordings, downloadable videos, and printable PDF worksheets).
  • On top of your business schooling and lifestyle design education, you’ll get cutting-edge spirituality and self-awareness training in every module.
  • You’ll have the option of networking, role-playing, and masterminding with other members in the program via our “Bhakti Buddies” feature – only this time, you’ll be given very specific exercises to do with them.
  • You’ll get access to tried and true systems for taking your business online including easy to follow templates that make everything from product development, website layout, hiring a web pro, and advertising campaigns… a walk in the park!
  • 7 Archives of Questions & Actions calls with Kris and her team including answers to the most common questions accompanying each module.

And don’t forget the bonus!!

  • Instant Access to LifeLAUNCH Formula. The secret to living a truly wake-up-everyday-and-pinch-yourself-to-see-if-you’re-dreaminglifestyle is all about getting “back to the basics”. The Abundant Yogi LifeLAUNCH Formula breaks down the secret to becoming a master in intentional creation. (Value $997.00)

LLF_ZoomLg (1)

  • When you enroll in PHD, you automatically get access to the ‘Taming the Self Saboteur’ (TSS), ‘Mastermind’ and ‘Work It!’ call archives (about 3 years of 3X/month group calls). TSS directly addresses and unravels the root causes of self-sabotage, paralyzing fear, performance anxiety, and the most common habits and perspectives that all too often squash our highest goals and dreams. The Mastermind call ensures you’ll stay consistent with the most necessary and fundamental leadership and marketing actions that will keep your eye on the ball and your business engine purring. And the Work It! class uses The Work of Byron Katie to bust open your limiting beliefs about… well, everything.

Was that an earthquake, or did your brand just rock my world?

Abundant Yogi PHD: Turn Your “Expensive Hobby” into a Booming Business

Add to Cart for 1 Payment of $2,997

Add to Cart for 3 Payments of $1,098

The Fine Print

  • Working with me on this level is not for wussies. I’m brutally honest with you, especially if I see you playing small or not taking full responsibility for your own results.
  • This program also requires patience. You can’t redesign your life and business overnight.
  • As we’re communicating through the private forum and live calls, the moment I notice you doing something (or NOT doing something) that will get in the way of your income, business growth or personal well-being, you’ll know about it. (In a loving and respectful way of course!)
  • I reserve the right to say “WTF!?” if you’re about to make a move that’s bound to overcomplicate things, get you lost, or in any way yank you off track from your truth and your highest vision.

Here are a few of the many benefits you can expect from Abundant Yogi PHD:

  • Clarity on what to do next in your business and life so you can serve a lot more people, have more fun, feel more inspired, and dramatically increase your income!
  • An up-level in your self-confidence and communication skills, especially with potential clients (…and when your self-confidence goes through the roof, so will your sex life!! Hey-yo!)
  • Interaction and feedback from like-minded, really amazing human beings who are “on a level” just like you and going through the program at the same time.
  • Strategies and internal shifts you need to build the business and life YOU want. (There is NO pressure here to build a million dollar business if that’s not what you want!)
  • Proven tools and methodologies to get a lot more done in less time, so you can spend more time with those who mean the most to you.
  • Consistent, joyful action on the projects that will bring you the most spiritual and financial profit.
  • A stronger ability to tune into your internal guidance to support your business and life decisions (which means you’ll never make a “wrong” decision again).
  • A permanent shift out of “scarcity mentality” and into a lifestyle of abundance with a focus on making a BIG difference in the world.
  • And the BIG DADDY: You’ll get to AVOID the pain and disappointment of letting life pass you by, having never gone after your dream with your full heart and commitment! (Now is your chance to make SURE that won’t happen!)

Rave reviews

I just want to thank you for the most productive life-changing year…It’s been so great. I’ve made so many changes. I’ve got this whole new stream of income and I’m not just kinda sitting and wallowing in my pain and resentment and anger like I was a year ago when I found you. And it’s because of my work with you.

Julie Schmidt
Yoga instructor, massage therapist, energy healer, anatomy instructor www.shaktiyogaonline.com

from Facebook post:

Katie Clark
Yoga Instructor Simply Be Yoga

Before PHD I was stuck, dazed and beyond confused. Kris’ program is so ridiculously simple to understand! I was a previous student of Kris’ and loved working with her already. I had experienced so much personal growth by the time I dove into PHD I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do, and HOW to do it. PHD is a business in a box for anyone who is ready to spread their talents and skills out into the world. It is by far the greatest investment I have ever made in my personal and business life.

Heather Chauvin
Raising Confident Kids Through Meditation HeatherChauvin.com

This training is worth TEN TIMES what Kris is charging for it! I’m blown away by what I’m learning and the clarity and momentum I’m creating in my business. It works and the clients are coming in now!

Shannon Lynch
Owner/Founder of Yoga Ecology, Anusara Inspired™ Yoga Teacher www.facebook.com/ShannonLynchYoga

Someone needs to call the bomb squad, because your brand is blowin’ up!

Abundant Yogi PHD: Turn Your “Expensive Hobby” into a Booming Business

Add to Cart for 1 Payment of $2,997

Add to Cart for 3 Payments of $1,098

Here’s what you get:

12+ Hours of Content Delivered Via 6 Interactive Training Modules to help you master the mindset and skill-set that will turn your passions into profits you can feel proud of, while bringing more fun, creativity and satisfaction into your life. Each module includes video and audio trainings averaging 100 – 150 minutes in duration and is comprised of transformational tools, ideas and strategies for your life and business. A private Facebook group allows you to ask questions, share insights, and engage with other PHD’ers.

(Value $3,600.00)

Audio, Video and PDF Downloads of Each Module so you can learn from other Conscious Entrepreneurs who are living their Preferred LifeStyle as a result of applying the same strategies you’ll learn in this comprehensive course. Listen to the recordings as often as you like via your smartphone, computer, or even CD player (old school!).

(Value $997.00)

Printable Study Materials, Recommended Reading List, Resource Bank, the Complete System At-A-Glance Flow Chart, Clarity Exercises, and “Done For You” Financial Calculators so you can finally get the tools to become fiercely deliberate about the lifestyle you choose, how you manage yourself in time, the energy you expend, the habits and rituals that shape your results, and of course your financial inflow, outflow and optimization.

(Value $697.00)

7 Archives of Questions & Actions calls with Kris and her team including answers to the most common questions accompanying each module.

(Value: $350.00)

Total Value: over $5,281.00 (Not Including the Priceless and Unlimited Parts)

Total Cost: Way Less!

More rave reviews

I have paid for business and marketing courses in the past that ended up being a waste of money and a disappointment – I wasn’t held accountable, the facilitators weren’t available, and the steps felt like a huge daunting task because they weren’t broken down into doable exercises. So when I was looking into this program, because of my past experiences, I was a bit skeptical. You exceeded my expectations. You helped me through my huge sticking points, helped me get clarity, feel inspired, and really listened to. Your coaching took me to a new level of motivation, and now I’m totally excited about my business development. You are an amazing facilitator. Thank you so much, Kris!

Sherry Stauder
Jaden Yoga Loveland, Colorado

I had several reservations about taking the course due to the time commitments to other priorities in my life, the money, and whether or not I was even remotely ready to take this plunge. I am not a business oriented person to begin with, but I know Kris has been successful in her own work for many years and I KNEW that I was only letting fear and doubt stand in my way. This work brought so much to me. I had no concept of how much it would open my eyes to new ways of thinking, working, and building a business in the internet marketplace. To build, by design, a business based on integrity, heart-felt authenticity, no frills and no BS marketing is MORE than I could have imagined. I would recommend this course to anyone who is ready to get outside of the box and create serious change as an entrepreneur. Thanks, Kris!!

Maria Camacho
Nutrition Expert & Yogi Oregon

I am loving this program. I had no idea how much detail you’d cover with all the online information! I’ve had some ideas about offering an online course for some time, but I wasn’t clear about it until I took your course and it all came together. Now I can see all the details from beginning to end and I’m having a blast working on my website. The program has also inspired my personal life and my family, while giving me the tools to create an online course that I am very passionate about.

Jena Baird
“Birth with Yoga” Prenatal Yoga Coach

Is your brand a broom? Cause it just swept me off my feet!

Abundant Yogi PHD: Turn Your “Expensive Hobby” into a Booming Business

Add to Cart for 1 Payment of $2,997

Add to Cart for 3 Payments of $1,098

What You Need In Order To Participate:

  • Access to the Internet (to watch, listen to, and/or download video and audio files and PDFs.
  • That’s it!

Why it costs what it costs

For several years, I’ve been working privately with clients and my rate is fairly high at $500 per hour.

This course is like having me work with you for more than 18 hours which would cost over $9,000!

My goal here is to give you access to the same foundational training my private clients got, but for much less money! I want to make this deeply satisfying and magical lifestyle available to as many people as possible.

The total investment to jump into the PHD program is $2,997.

Not even a 4-year degree can provide you this clear of a roadmap to your ideal lifestyle and business.

You have to have the help of someone who’s gone before you and already accomplished what you want to accomplish, to light the way for you, show you the ropes, and steer you clear of major bumps in the road.

I’m here to do that for you, and to bring you deeper into this community of supportive, far-reaching, and BRILLIANT individuals, just like you, who can take you WAY beyond where you’d ever get to on your own.

It is also my intention to heal the “wealth wounds”, money issues, and other toxic tendencies in the yoga and spiritual communities that unknowingly foster guilt, internal conflict, unnecessary suffering, and all sorts of judgments geared towards suppressing the “desire” for a better life (as though that’s a bad thing).

You’ll never get to be this exact person, this exact age, with these exact desires and intentions again, so why the hell not trust those desires and find out why they’ve been tugging at you?

Isn’t our purpose to explore and grow for the sake of pure joy?

I want you to be wildly successful and unapologetically, unabashedly true to Self… and to create and share a whole lot of abundance and joyful adventures in the process.

Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee


Go through the training, fully participate in your education and personal development — and if, after 30 days of working with us, you don’t feel that the profound material in this program is worth every penny and more, and you don’t feel that it’s moving you in the exact direction you want to go — not only will you get your money back, but you get to keep the course in its virtual entirety because all of the content is downloadable.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you follow this program and implement the tools you are given, you will experience a radical transformation in your life and business—guaranteed.

This course will give you a roadmap to inner and outer FREEDOM like you’ve never experienced it before.

Uh-oh. We’re running out of pick-up lines. And starting to feel slightly dirty.

Abundant Yogi PHD: Turn Your “Expensive Hobby” into a Booming Business

Add to Cart for 1 Payment of $2,997

Add to Cart for 3 Payments of $1,098

No risk access form

Yes, Kris! I’m ready to help more people AND make great money!

I understand this home study and group coaching course includes the following:

  • Instant access to the Abundant Yogi PHD Members-Only website with Recommended Reading List, Resource Bank, Social Media Networking, and optional “Bhakti Buddies” to partner up with for additional support and accountability
  • 6 Virtual Coaching Modules with Kris on Lifestyle Design, Mindful Marketing, and “Turning my ‘expensive hobby’ into a booming business and personal brand that frees me to be authentically me”
  • 7 archived Q&A Calls to accompany the Training Modules
  • PDF Exercises to supplement the Training Modules and make it easy for you to implement what you’re learning
  • Downloads of all above content
  • A Bonus Material section where we’re perpetually adding the latest and greatest tips, tricks and tools to enhance your marketing and boost your bottom line
  • Access to the Taming the Self-Saboteur (TSS), Mastermind, and Work It! calls
  • LifeLaunch Formula 3.0

I understand and agree that your Abundant Yogi PHD Group Coaching Program is 100% virtual and I will be able to download and consume all the materials directly from the Members-Only Website. I’m ready to enroll in Abundant Yogi PHD now!

BTW, in case you were wondering…

You ARE in the right place at the right time.

See you in the training!




P.S. If you still haven’t made the decision to invest in yourself for this program and yet, here you are, all the way down at the bottom of the letter…

You are in a prime position for a big PHAT Aha!

See if your mind is spinning.

Listen to it. Give it a voice.

What is it saying?

Don’t edit yourself. Instead, grab your journal or get out a piece of scratch paper and write down the exact thoughts that Monkey Mind is trying to get you to subscribe to.

This is trickery. These are the stories your mind is using to stop you from taking a step outside of your comfort zone to get what you truly want. Stories like: “I just need to think about it”; “I don’t have the money”; “She is just trying to sell me something”…

Are yours similar?

*NOTE: Pay close attention to what your Monkey Mind stories are as they’re the same ones it will use again and again to sabotage you – to get you to “play it safe” when you could otherwise be on the verge of a very powerful turning point in your life and business!

Now, just breathe and watch your mind without necessarily believing it. Say the words, “I’m back.” Say them out loud.

Now tune into your heart.

What does your heart say?

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

How will you ever know if you’ll fail or if you’ll succeed beyond your wildest dreams unless you go for it?

Click on the button below now if you’ve had enough of the mental spinning.

Follow your heart. Follow your dream. Dive into Abundant Yogi PHD today.

Abundant Yogi PHD: Turn Your “Expensive Hobby” into a Booming Business

Add to Cart for 1 Payment of $2,997

Add to Cart for 3 Payments of $1,098

[Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure an accurate representation of this program and its potential. Each person’s success depends on his or her natural tendencies, motivation, dedication, and desire. Facts and figures on this page are believed to be accurate but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.]