Take Control of Your Life, Career and Finances.

The Lifestyle Design Templates help you:

  • Create a doable lifestyle design plan,
  • Determine the EXACT hourly rate you need to be charging in order to afford the lifestyle you want,
  • Get clarity on your weekly schedule — and how to transition into it without compromising on income.

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Because Life is Better With Both

3-video Introductory Series

If you’re ready to admit to yourself that what you’ve been doing up until now HASN’T worked –– at least, not in a way that would afford you the kind of lifestyle and the feeling of effortless creation that you know you’re capable of, this mini-course is the next natural step for you.

It’s perfect for you if you’re needing the FACTS about what it really takes to make it as a conscious entrepreneur, monetizing your unique abilities in a joyful and sustainable way where you won’t risk overwhelm or burnout.

This 3-video Introductory Series delivers nearly 3 hours of content, clarifying worksheets, sample money calculating templates and other tools from our more comprehensive courses in Lifestyle Design Coaching™, Conscious Business and Mindful Marketing. You get simple, step-by-step exercises that you can take and apply into your own life right away to get crystal clear about the passions, talents and skills you most need to be sharing with the world.

Regardless of what you currently do (or don’t do) for a living –– whether you love it or you’re totally frustrated and uninspired by it, in all of TEN MINUTES, these exercises should help you pinpoint and start using the full capacity of your greatest gifts very deliberately, in a way that will impact many many lives.

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Design & Manifest a Lifestyle & Career You’ll Love

Lifelaunch Formula Breaks Down the Secret to Becoming a Master in Intentional Creation.

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The secret to living a wake-up-everyday-and-pinch-yourself-to-see-if-you’re-dreaming lifestyle is all about getting “back to the basics”.  From debunking all the crap you see out there on the Law of Attraction, to creating a lifelong personal success ritual, to uncovering your true heart-calling(s) and beginning the journey of turning them into a career that will reward you with emotional, spiritual AND financial wealth — you’ll love these simple and proven tools for creating your life by DESIGN, not by default.

The Mindset & Manifesting methods you’ll learn in this program are the very same that Kris herself used to manifest getting paid to live in a $7.5 million dollar home overlooking the Pacific Ocean while she paid OFF thousands of dollars in debt.

This virtual coaching course includes about three years’ worth of archived coaching components. When you enroll, you’ll gain instant access to MP3 audio trainings covering 8 modules of course material, an online journal, a printable workbook, and an interactive members-only website.

You’ll also have access to our Taming the Self-Saboteur (TSS), Mastermind, and Work It! call archives. These group coaching calls focus specifically on maintaining your most nourishing and helpful mindset and self-care, and avoiding/overcoming the most common but sneaky forms of self-sabotage.

Price: $997 

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Turn Your “Expensive Hobby” Into a Booming Business That Frees You to be Authentically You.

Successfully Launch (or Dramatically Upgrade) Your Most Elegant And Effective Personal Brand And Service Driven Business.

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Upon acceptance and enrollment into this group coaching program, I’m going to pull back the curtain and walk you through exactly what I’ve done in my business in the last few years to go from just getting by to enjoying a multi six figure business that is a dream come true to own and operate, that allows me to change lives not only locally but all over the planet.

Roughly 100 people within my client list and circle of influence have used these systems successfully to get their brilliance and expertise out into the world in a bigger, more fulfilling way without compromising on lifestyle and without stooping to cheesy, sleazy sales tactics.

Now I’m inviting you to do the same.

Price: $2997 

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A Coach Training and Certification Program for Those Whose Life’s Work is to Help Others Live Life by Their OWN Design.

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Lifestyle Design is exactly what it sounds like – being deliberate about CREATING your life, schedule and career by design, rather than just going through the motions and living life by default.

It requires getting crystal clear about your passions, talents, skills and preferences – what lights you up – and then molding your life and work around them so that you’re living a deeply satisfying life while making your greatest possible contribution to the world in sharing your unique gifts.

Lifestyle Design Coaches™ help others to do that in their own lives — by asking powerful questions, getting them in touch with their deepest desires, pinpointing and removing obstacles, providing honest and direct feedback, and utilizing proven tools and techniques that bring them back to relief, hope and clarity time and time again as you hold them accountable to their highest vision.

We are no longer offering the Lifestyle Design Coaching Certification™ at this time. To see a list of Certified LDC Coaches™, click here

Lifestyle Design Coaching… at its best

Only 15 participants each year.

I always say the best coach to have is someone who has already crossed the EXACT bridge you’re wanting to cross and is just a few steps ahead of you. Someone who’s ready, willing and able to give you their hand and help you across the same bridge––so you get where you’re wanting to go with a lot more speed and certainty, and with a lot LESS guessing and trial and error.

Price: $12,997 (by invitation only)

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