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3 simple questions to give your business a 180º

by Kris Ward

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Don’t you just love when stuff comes together BRILLIANTLY?

It’s such a relief when you follow your gut and take a risk on something, invest your heart and soul into it, and (Phew!) it turns out even better than you could’ve imagined.

That’s exactly the case with a situation/relationship that unfolded in my life this year with someone who’s become very near and dear to me.

I’m actually gonna brag on this someone for just a second and then I’m gonna give her the floor. You’ve gotta hear her story about the incredible transformation she went through this past year, and pick up a few of her secrets on HOW she accomplished what she did (it’s some pretty miraculous shit if you ask me).

Her name is Racheal Cook and––drum roll please…

She is our 2nd speaker at AY Live, so when you join us for that you’ll get to hear her LIVE.

Racheal Cook

Racheal  is a new mama (of twins!), a passionate yogi and entrepreneur (hence the name of her brand,, a research-a-holic (this woman LOVES to learn and stay on top of the latest and greatest!), a master networker, a total techie, a social media whiz, a kick-ass conscious business consultant, and (Yay!) a member of my 2011 Secret Sauce Society.

Like Amber Kinney who I introduced to you in my last post, Rach is one of those crazy-productive powerhouse optimizer/organizer geniuses who knows how to boil everything down to a SYSTEM and get results. Speaking of systems, she’s got a damn good one for you today that will help you optimize your online presence and get raving fans FAST.

Before we get to that, let’s rewind to a year ago this month.

It was around this time that I first met Racheal and gave her a coaching session.

She was still recovering from an arduous high-risk pregnancy with twins (man, I can’t imagine fitting another baby in my bump!). She, her husband, and her 6-month old twins had temporarily moved in with her parents after getting the news that his teaching contract wasn’t getting renewed, and with Racheal on maternity hiatus, they had to make some tough decisions before her maternity nest egg ran out.

She was at a crossroads.

Had no clue where to go with her business (which had only barely sprouted as a teeny tiny seedling just before she got the news that she was having TWINS).

Plus, before a very recent AND MASSIVE 180º when Racheal quit her 6-figure corporate job to pursue her passion for yoga, she was so stressed out with her work, she’d barely even HAD a life (the girl didn’t even own a single pair of JEANS for God sake)!

So now, with these two new precious lives to care for, she was scared to death that fully engaging and launching her YogiPreneur business would equal a repeat of the past (NO LIFE)––and she couldn’t STAND the thought of not being the one to raise her babies.

So, long story short, not long after our coaching sesh, she applied for Secret Sauce––and I accepted her in.

Knowing her situation, I knew I was taking a risk. But this woman had heart. And metaphorically speaking––BALLS. I knew she was a go-getter. I knew she’d implement like a mad woman and get the show on the road in no time.

And that is EXACTLY what happened.

Now here we are in the final few months of the program and not only is her business BOOMING, but her list is growing like a wildfire. She’s ONLY doing work that she adores with clients who are an absolute JOY to work with, and opportunity after opportunity just keeps landing on her lap. Income wise, she’s steady makin’ her way back up to that comfy 6-figures so she no longer has to worry about the nest egg running out.

Like I said, pretty freakin’ miraculous.

With Racheal’s permission, I’ve attached a quick audio snippet of her sharing some of her big wins and gratitude during yesterday’s Secret Sauce Society monthly group coaching call. At the start of these calls, each of the girls gives a short lil’ update with a B-D-G. That’s 1 Brag, 1 Desire, and 1 Gratitude. Racheal’s was so yummy, it made me cry!

Hit play below and have a quick listen. It’s only 4 min. and you get a sneak peek into the “secret sauce” world behind the scenes.

After you finish the audio, read Racheal’s guest post below to get her bangin’ strategies on attracting those loyal, RAVING fans….


Techy Training for Enlightened Entrepreneurs

How to optimize your online presence so you can spend more time doing what you do best – connecting with your community!
by Racheal Cook

Everyone wants to know the “secret” of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and online marketing.

They want to know how to get 10,000 fans – instantly! And automated! Only spend 10 minutes a day! Load up their Tweet Deck or Hootsuite with their list of messages (all focused on “buy this” or “coupon” or some sleezy salesy line) and automate automate automate!

Then they wonder why those 10,000 fans are resulting in ZERO new clients.

Especially when those so-called social media marketing gurus said that they should be rollin’ in new clients from using social media this way.

Here’s the scoop:

Social media is about RELATIONSHIPS.

Enlightened entrepreneurship is also about relationships. Social media and enlightened entrepreneurship should be a mindful marketing match made in heaven, right?

Yogis have always been enlightened entrepreneurs. We build businesses with a focus on community, contribution, connection, and consciousness. Somehow though, introducing technology to this mix has freaked us out! And instead of integrating it into our mindful marketing mix, we treat it like a free megaphone to hock our wares to the masses (hey, isn’t that what the 10,000 followers guy said to do?).

So here’s the good news.

You don’t have to get 10,000 fans to be successful with social media or online marketing. You don’t even need 1,000 fans. You don’t have to spend all day tweeting. And you certainly don’t have to crank out a blog post every single day as if you’re single-handedly attempting to overtake Huffington Post.

What you DO need to do is approach social media and online marketing from a new perspective.

These amazing tools give you the ability to connect with people in your town, or around the world. They are for local and global businesses. They can help you fill your Monday 7pm vinyasa class or your exclusive retreat to Playa del Carmen in April. They can lead to guest teaching opportunities on the Yoga Teacher Telesummit or speaking in front of your local Social Media Club.

And all of this leads to new clients who become raving fans of your business––and the true beauty of social media––it allows them to become ambassadors of your business both in-person and online.

How do I know this works?

When I first came off my year-long maternity leave, I had less than 500 fans or followers (Facebook & Twitter) and about 100 people on my email newsletter list. And they hadn’t heard from me in over a year (unless they Facebook stalked my photos of my newborn twins). But within a month of returning to The Yogipreneur, I filled my calendar with new clients––all of whom found me on Facebook.

A studio owner I worked with was really unsure of using Facebook to grow her classes and workshops. But by extending the community from her studio to her Facebook page, she was able to continue the conversations with her students, share videos and photos that gave a preview to new-comers, and offer special incentives like Facebook-Fan-Only packages. .When just ONE of those one-time only incentives hit the Facebook page, that almost guaranteed a full class that night!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been on Facebook, or if you’ve spent countless hours on Twitter…

Here are some simple strategies to incorporate mindful marketing with social media and online marketing:

1. Intention – What is your intention for being on social media?

Is it to nurture relationships with current and potential students? Is it to create new opportunities with potential promotional partners? I highly recommend starting with one intention and building your social media strategy around that. Social media can get overwhelming FAST if you attempt to do everything at the same time. Pick one intention for the next three months.

2. Inspiration – How are you inspiring your community?

According to the Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella (one of my favorite peeps), inspirational posts are the most shared, the most commented on, and the most liked (thumbs-up). Which rocks for us – because we are full of inspirational quotes, thoughts, and stories. Don’t just share random quotes – share inspirational tidbits that are relevant to your community!

Did someone just nail their first handstand? Share the joy! Did someone have a major breakthrough in their practice? Did a group finish their teacher training? What’s exciting and inspirational in your community that will encourage others to live their fullest life?

3. Integration – How are you integrating social media, online marketing, and your actual programs or services?

These are not things that stand alone! They are all pieces of the puzzle of running a conscious business. They all need to speak to each other, each have a specific purpose, and each direct your community from one piece to the next.

In fact, through the optimization strategies that I’ve discovered, once your entire online presence (from social media to your website to your email newsletter) is fully optimized and integrated, you’ll have the freedom to spend LESS time in front of a computer screen and MORE time doing what you love, working with people.

This might seem overwhelming, but breaking it down into easily digestible bite-size pieces will be the primary focus of Techy Training for Enlightened Entrepreneurs at Abundant Yogi Live!


What’d I tell you?


Give’er a thumbs up and send friends back to this post if you think it’s worth sharing.

Thank you, as always, for reading and plugging into this incredible kula of generosity and abundance.

See you soon…


P.S. True to my habit of spoiling you rotten when you make AWESOME life-enhancing decisions for yourself, for the first 20 people to purchase their ticket to AY Live, I’m including access to our LifeLAUNCH Expert Interview Series for the months of Oct. and Nov. That means as I’m interviewing hand-selected lifestyle designers, yoga legends, and world-class entrepreneurs for their best kept secrets and proven strategies, YOU, angel-face, will get to sit in on it and soak up the goodness. And you DO realize that you also get pre-event training AND a follow-up call for any questions that may come up after the event, right? Yup. It’s ‘cuz it makes US happy to make YOU happy. 🙂

P.P.S. For all you smarties who have already gotten your tix, YES, of course, you’ll get the same hook up. We’ve already got you down for it so you’re good to go.

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Kris Ward
Kris Ward is a Lifestyle Design Coach™ Trainer and the president and founder of She has helped to educate and inspire over 100,000 people worldwide out of painful conflict around money, self-sabotage, and inhibited self-expression into having the freedom and abundance to do what they love every day, and more

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