How I Found My Calling: The Misadventures of an Overachieving Perfectionist

by Samantha Pollack

Meet (and develop a major crush on) Abundant Yogi's newest writer

All my life, I’ve been plagued by one question. What do you want to do with your life? Until this year, I honestly didn’t know. I just knew I didn’t want it to be boring. In my upper middle class, suburban upbringing, there was one life plan. Get good grades so you can get into a good college. Go to a good college so you can get a good job. Get married, have some kids, try not to turn into your mother, sigh with resignation when you realize you have anyway. I’ve seen this movie. Wake me up when it’s over.

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To Hell and Back: Transforming Tragedy into Purpose

by Maria Kubitz

An introduction to one of Abundant Yogi's newest writers, and the journey that led her here

For much of my life, I was trapped in a cage. The bars of my cage were forged from fears and insecurities that took root when I was a young girl. Years of negative experiences continually reinforced the walls of my self-imposed prison. I lived… but it was a life longing for something more; something better. I just existed; reacting to the world around me. A world that felt emotionally scary, unpredictable, and full of disappointments. Sound familiar?

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Got Business Filters To Protect Your Vision And Keep You Aligned To It?

by Kris Ward

See ours. And how they changed everything.

If you saw the Alchemy TV post I released last week then you might remember how utterly excited I was about running with some rock solid advice that my friend Jonathan Mead of offered up about how (and why) to create your own visionary quest. I knew the second I read his post, I was all for it and I couldn’t WAIT to grab Amber, my God-knows-what-I’d-do-without-her awesomesauce Project…

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For A Business With Heart

by Kris Ward

Ask yourself this question.

Happy Valentine’s Day! What I love most about this community (the people who pay attention and participate in the ongoing conversation that is “Abundant Yogi”) happens to be the biggest common denominator amongst us. It’s the shared intention driving force that unites the entire group. We just want to do what we love – the work we feel called to do that comes easily and naturally to us – without…

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