Confessions of a Recovering People-Pleaser

by Maria Kubitz

Revealing the closely guarded secrets that ruin relationships instead of help them

I’m going to tell you what you probably already know… Everybody loves a people-pleaser. They’re the ones who are always really nice and considerate. They help out at a moment’s notice and never say no when asked for a favor. They make great employees because they’re ultra-reliable and pride themselves in going above and beyond the call of duty. In romantic relationships, they make it a point to take care of their partner’s every want and need. So who wouldn’t like a people-pleaser? Unfortunately, people-pleasers almost never like themselves.

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My Life Altering Week In The Desert

by Kris Ward

Big aha’s, video footage, and BIG NEWS!!

I’m Back… And I Survived Burning Man! Not only did I survive but I had my heart and mind cracked WIDE open. It was a beautiful thing. MORE than one of my biggest dreams came true… as in POOF! Full manifestation right before my eyes. (I’ll leave you to ponder what that might’ve consisted of on your own… and the video should give you some clues :)) Going into the experience, I’d…

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