5 Easy Hacks to Get Back the Work/Life Balance You Lost When You Started Working from Home

by Maria Kubitz

Put on some pants and get it together, buddy

Let’s face it. Everyone dreams of working from home.

No more horrible commutes and endless traffic jams. No more constant interruptions of people coming to your desk needing something… or just wanting to get their daily chit chat in. No more being trapped in a noisy office with obnoxious people who make you want to jump out the nearest window.

The idea of working from home comes with the blissful allure of uninterrupted time to get real, productive shit done!

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5 Holiday Survival Strategies for the Highly-Sensitive Person

by Maria Kubitz

The #1 gift you can give your loved ones? A calmer, saner YOU

The holidays. Oh joy. (And yes, that was sarcasm you detected.) My children eagerly anticipate the months-long revelry that begins with the lead-up to Halloween and lasts all the way through the drunken hangover that is New Year’s.

I, on the other hand, dread all of it. Why? Let me take you on a brief tour of my awesome – but often tortured – mind.

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Inbox Nirvana: The Revolutionary Email Practice That Saved My Sanity

by Samantha Pollack

Five effortless strategies for putting email in its place

Call me a slow adapter, but I still find smart-phone culture a bit jarring. I’m often personally affronted by the expectation of constant availability. I don’t answer calls when I’m driving or absorbed in a writing project (even when it’s my mom). When I’m out to dinner, my phone is buried in the abyss that is my purse. I don’t respond to work-related texts on the weekends or after six pm. We call these practices boundaries, and any working person in the 21st Century needs to set them.

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