My Life Altering Week In The Desert

Big aha’s, video footage, and BIG NEWS!!

by Kris Ward

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I’m Back… And I Survived Burning Man!

Not only did I survive but I had my heart and mind cracked WIDE open.

It was a beautiful thing.

MORE than one of my biggest dreams came true… as in POOF! Full manifestation right before my eyes. (I’ll leave you to ponder what that might’ve consisted of on your own… and the video should give you some clues :))

Going into the experience, I’d already assumed that I’d have a breakthrough or two. I mean, how could I NOT?? 

I figured it comes with the territory when I’m co-existing and co-creating with such a massive like-minded community (52,000 people… WHAT??? And in the freakin’ DESERT, mind you!). Passionate people who want nothing more than to contribute whatever gifts and goodness they have to offer while also remaining steadfast in their own self-care and mindful survival at their individual camps.

These people, the creativity, the music, the art, the dust, the organic vegan meals, the openness, the sweet moments of 100% presence delighting in just being alive and together as family at our little camp… WOW. I was overflowing.

Every day I heard less and less of my own mental chatter, less of my inner critic, and less blah blah blah meaning-making and general “monkey mind” comparisons.

Every day I got clearer about who I choose to be, how I want to show up, what I have to offer, and the difference I can make when I’m fully tapped in.

Tapped in to the One great rocking pulsation that animates us all. Call it the creative life force, the Spanda, the Prana Shakti. Whatever resonates.

IT calls us to something greater.

(I just thought of my friend Murray and our conversations in India years ago. She used to ask people, “What’s your IT?” I saw her gorgeous face at BM too.)

About mid-week on the playa, It suddenly just SUNK IN for me, that answering the call to create and express, according to my own unique and highest vision… just for the JOY of witnessing myself using my passions and talents to the fullest… that’s where it’s at!

And if you can create a living for yourself in the process… what could be better… seriously?

That’s why I feel SO privileged to do the work that I do. Because:

A) I bring people to yoga and dance, BOTH of which are a call to reignite the fire, affirm life, delight in the joy of being alive, and experience yourself creating (while at the same time BEING moved); and

B) because I help other passionate and heart-centered entrepreneurs like me to GET WITH THEIR IT, to own it, build it, share it, and live an abundant life changing lives with it. Which seems to have this ripple effect where they’re super happy, fulfilled and inspired and then others around them catch the same bug and want to answer the call of THEIR IT.


Another biggie that really got into my CORE at Burning Man was the realization that the purpose of all relationships (including those with our clients and students) is to choose which parts of ourselves we want to show up. Instead of wondering what we can capture and hold in another––what we can GET OUT of the relationship––it’s about the relationship itself as a MIRROR, where we get to see ourselves choosing and demonstrating who we are.

Then with that glimpse, we know ourselves on a whole new level. And at the same time we’re literally CREATING ourselves anew. Or at least, we’re stepping up to the next highest version of ourselves and painting that portrait by the decisions we make.

Isn’t that what we’re here to do? To REALLY know ourselves? To witness and embrace our humanity AND our Divinity wrapped up into this one perfectly imperfect, always evolving, magnificent and fleshy package?

I love the paradox of it all; that on one level, we know we’re all One, all connected, all being breathed by the One LIFE. All is well, and when it comes to life, we can’t get it wrong and we never get it done.

And on another level, we get to experience the full scale of all human emotion; the juiciness and the rawness of making mistakes and having to learn the hard way sometimes, only to move into the next phase which is SO SO satisfying––where we realize that we’ve become wiser, more skillful, more aware.

And the more we take chances, make mistakes, then learn and grow from that, the more pliable and youthful our minds become because we remain WILLING. Whatever it takes to grow, we’re open.

So instead of getting older, grumpier, more rigid, closed and set in our ways, we stay curious and keep putting ourselves out there. Which makes us proud as we watch our own courage being manifested and demonstrated.

When I looked into people’s eyes on the playa THAT is the quality I saw.

A childlike openness. A curiosity. A willingness to be OUT THERE (living life to the fullest) versus IN HERE (making meaning and spinning in their heads all day long).

I’ve got great friends and clients like that. But never before have I been surrounded by so many people on this level all in one place.

They helped me fall in love with US again, as in the whole human species.

I LOVE US! I love how dynamic we are––always shifting, fumbling, wondering, dreaming, seeking, and choosing; trying to know and be and get love… in whatever way compels us.

It’s a TRIP isn’t it?

By the end of my week at Burning Man, I was so blissed out by my own gushing of love to self and everyone on the playa, I felt like I was 9 years old again. Never in my adult life have I felt so playful, so connected to myself and community, and so fully self-expressed. I will never be the same again.

I Want To Go Back

BUT… will it happen in 2011?

Not likely.


If all goes as intended, I’ll be a mama by this time next year!

Kraig and I are going into baby making mode literally NEXT month.
Crazy huh? We’re so excited.

So that’s my news.

Hope you dug the Aha’s and that they helped you give birth to a few of your own.
I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights, so please speak up and share by posting a comment below.

And last but certainly not least…. drum roll please….

The “Virgins No More” Burning Man 2010 Video That’s Created Quite The Buzz

Hit play now and watch the movie my husband made. It’s been rated one of the best to surface so far.

He’s curious to know your favorite part, so tell us what moves you and makes you smile.

Big Love from Meh-He-Co!



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Kris Ward
Kris Ward is a Lifestyle Design Coach™ Trainer and the president and founder of She has helped to educate and inspire over 100,000 people worldwide out of painful conflict around money, self-sabotage, and inhibited self-expression into having the freedom and abundance to do what they love every day, and more

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Read 7 comments

  1. Maureen Davis

    This was amazing footage and almost beyond comprehension. But I said to myself “I am going to that next year” probably will muddle around some old fears, but knowing to be around so much like minded energy – wow!!!! And what a great space you’re in to bring a new soul onto this earth Yeah!!!

  2. Leanne

    Kris, you changed my day. I cried the entire time I watched, remembering the opening, the beauty, the connection that can happen. I know that you are aware of this, but it’s always nice to hear: you are truly touching people, some of us are lingering right there on that edge, still wanting and wishing and wondering and willful and wishy washy and I want those nudges. For those of us who have made it this far, so close that what’s behind the veil isn’t really a mystery anymore, we want those nudges. I want more of myself, I want us all to have it, so keep nudging and I will keep nudging too. I am so grateful for your work.

    Tell the hubby that I loved it all.. the music was wonderful, the folks were inspiring, but what always feeds me most is the synergy that happens when we are able to witness worlds colliding and realize they were never actually seperate… what I mean to say is, I like to see people worship in costume. And his camera caught the sheen of magic on everyone’s skin.

    Have fun makin a baby!

  3. Tracy

    Oh and forgot to say congrats on the baby coming soon! You’ll love being a mom. It’s hilarious and fun….Tracy

  4. Tracy

    I want to go!!!!! OMG

  5. Giselle Toner

    P.S. I will definitely be attending Burning Man next year.


  6. Giselle Toner

    Hi Kris,

    Loved the video. It was amazing! The music used was awesome. Can you tell me the name of the last song used? I look forward to learning more.



    1. Kris

      Angelica by LAMB 🙂
      Beautiful, huh?