Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

by Louellen Jensen

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This “Work It” Class was very full and ridiculously powerful!

I’m so grateful to all of you who joined us and participated, especially to Kristy Deegan and Suzy Midbrod-Weyenberg, our 2 “Hot Seaters” –– you brought such amazing energy and bravery… super inspiring!
For those of you who missed the call, stay tuned for a follow up here on this page. We’ll let you know when the archive is live in the Program Portal for you to go snag it.

** What we learned (through Kristy’s and Suzy’s Work): **

– How utterly crappy and disempowering it feels when we’re in someone else’s business, wanting THEM to do/be differently –– and how this is always a guarantee that WE, ourselves, need to get with the program and do/be differently. It’s the advice we most want to give to others that we most need to take ourselves.

– How sad, overly cautious and untrusting we can get when we make painful assumptions about others that aren’t even true… and then separate ourselves from those others (and our own joy and self-awareness) as a result.

Time and time again, this Work provides a way for us to start being authentic about our inauthenticity… and the very SECOND we do that, we’re back in our power and moving to healthy and proactive perspectives and solutions. Hallelujah!! 🙂

Kristy and Suzy, thank you again for stepping up! We couldn’t have done the call without your brave and deeply important Work. We look forward to seeing your accountability posts for the “Living Amends” you came up with via your Turnarounds.

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Louellen Jensen

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