Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

by Maria Kubitz

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Thanks to those of you who joined us live on the Mastermind class today. We had a great call!

Here’s a summary of what went down:

Hot Seat: Zoe (a LifeLaunch student) filled out an HSPF (Hot Seat Prep Form) asking for strategic support related to the launch of her book and accompanying coaching business. Zoe’s specific question was mostly centered around what her next steps should be to create the financial stability that will allow her to finish the book and launch her coaching business. She’s been traveling for 3 months throughout South America and has had to grapple with a lot of shifting emotions during her travels, and has found herself in a situation where she’s currently not feeling in flow.

What we learned during the call, was that Zoe, in fact, is 95% done creating a potentially six figure business.

What she’s done:

  • Written the first draft of her book on Self Love
  • Sourced 2 different book editors who are working with her on trade
  • Been offering samples of the book via her Blog and she’s been getting great feedback from her subscribers and fans on social media
  • She’s just completed a 1-month trial run of a new coaching program that offers daily emails, a 7-day meditation course, and 1x per week skype sessions –– on a beta client and got incredible feedback
  • Created an email subscriber list of 95 or so people and a Fan base on social media of 125+
  • Given away multiple free coaching sessions to people along her travels all of which loved the session
  • Been representing herself in a new way as a coach and writer (vs. just being a massage therapist) and it’s been feeling right
  • And more you’ll hear on the call archive…

Bottom line… the girl has set herself up to have a rocking business. The issue which is so common for those of us in this community is we bump into our “Upper Limit Issue” (a reference from the book the Big Leap).

We spent a good 90 minutes engaging with Zoe and a few others from the audience about her situation and, in the end, she found her own clarity of what her next steps need to be.

  • To change locations
  • To go full force on landing a new 1-month long gig in the Caribbean to house sit so she can put the finishing touches on her book, launch her coaching business and have consistent internet etc.

All in all, it was a really juicy call with dozens of subtle nuances that for the right person at the right time (referring to those who weren’t on the call) will create a lot of positive shifts.

All our love,

-Kris & Kraig

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Maria Kubitz
With over twenty years in a successful marketing communications career at companies ranging from huge corporations like Hewlett-Packard to small startup environments with less than ten people, Maria has seen first-hand what works and what doesn't. In 2012, Maria launched a grief support website where her honest, heartfelt writing has helped more

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