Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

by Maria Kubitz

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Gabrielle Taylor, a PHD student, and Zoe Davenport, a LifeLaunch student, just so happened to submit Hot Seat Prep Forms (HSPFs) that were quite similar in that they required the use of the Overwhelm Eliminator (O.E.) tool. Luckily it did the trick for both of these ladies.

Here’s a summary of what happened after our group self-assessment ritual:

Hot Seat #1 / Gabrielle / Started roughly 45-50 min. into the call: Gabrielle is recovering after surgery, and although she recognizes the blessing in her recently slowed pace, she’s also been struggling with managing her energy. She has some goals she’s working towards, but she’s fearful of slipping back into overdrive. She submitted her HSPF in hopes that we’d be able to help her find the focus and productivity she seeks, but without losing her sense of self-care.

I facilitated the Overwhelm Eliminator for her, asking her the 3 questions on the document. This process helped her pinpoint and articulate:

  • the most pressing challenges she’s currently facing (at her “Point A”) that most need addressing,
  • what a slightly improved state would look and feel like (at her “Point B”),
  • the timeframe in which she could realistically expect to arrive at this improve state, and
  • the first 1-3 steps she should take to move her closer to that improved state.

Not only did Gabrielle walk away with the clarity she needed, but all of us on the call received the gift of learning through her Hot Seat experience that the gold is in the fine-tuning of the “Point B picture”. In other words, we should only move on to question 3 on the Overwhelm Eliminator once the picture that’s been articulated for the Point B feels 100% believable, energizing and relieving. If there’s any part of it that feels stressful or unrealistic/unbelievable, it needs to be amended/simplified/scaled back until it feels juuuust riiight.

For Gabrielle, the tweak was as simple as removing the “5” from her intention to enroll 5 clients. Simply changing the part of her Point B from “I’ve enrolled 5 clients” to “I’ve enrolled clients” made a world of difference.

Another takeaway was that you’ll know you’re on the right track with your answer to question 3 (regarding the first 1-3 actions to take to move you closer to your Point B) if what you’ve come up with seems to provide the beginnings of a solution for the challenges/problems/frustrations pinpointed in the articulation of the Point A. For instance, since Gabrielle’s Point A challenges had to do with her fears around managing energy, some financial struggles, and some crises involving her daughter, it only made sense that the most helpful and important action steps she committed to taking (when answering question 3 in the O.E.) would help bring resolution to all three of those challenges.

Hot Seat #2 / Zoe / Started roughly 75-80 min. into the call: Zoe had just returned home from a long stint of International travel. She found herself with no income, a self-degrading mindset, and little hope that she’d be able to complete and launch her book in the near future. Overwhelm and a feeling of inadequacy had crept up in a big way and it was wearing her down.

But… that’s no match for the Overwhelm Eliminator! 😉

Having just listened to Gabrielle’s Hot Seat, Zoe was already primed and ready to go. We took her through the same 3 questions of the O.E., and in no time, she had the clarity and motivation she needed.

She narrowed her focus and priorities down to what would be truly doable, most energizing, and satisfying, then committed to taking the 2 most simple and critical actions that would move her closer to fulfilling those priorities. It was a beautiful thing to witness her power and clarity coming back “online” so quickly. Bravo, Zoe!

All the love,

-Kris & Kraig

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Maria Kubitz
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