Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

by Louellen Jensen

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For those of you who made it to the Work It Class yesterday, wasn’t that just pure MAGIC?

The Work never gets old. It’s the most powerful tool I know of for freeing ourselves of stress caused by attaching to an unquestioned thought.

Pollyanna Darling and Joanna Lynn Beecher were our 2 Hot Seaters (and Gillian Brown was line in case we needed a back-up… thank you, Gillian!), and each they nailed it, both as the facilitator and the “client”.

We did The Work to untangle/inquire into the following statements/beliefs:
1) The world doesn’t want or need my gifts and abilities.
2) My boyfriend is letting his mom have control over our lives.
We went DEEP into the reactions/behaviors/feelings triggered when attaching to/believing these thoughts, and just as deep into exploring who these women are WITHOUT the thoughts, and what the potential turnarounds to these thoughts could offer them.

Both Pollyanna and Joanna committed to some “Living Amends” they could do within 24 hours (by today), and they’ll be posting about those here inside the Facebook group if haven’t already, tagging each other for extra accountability.

Thank you both for your transparency, bravery, and dedication to growth and empowerment. Fifty people on the call (and potentially hundreds more hearing archive later) have now had their eyes, hearts and minds opened… because of your willingness to step up. We are beyond grateful.

Happy listening and doing your own Work. Looking forward to hearing about your own insights and revelations inspired by this call.

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Louellen Jensen

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