Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

by Maria Kubitz

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Thanks to those of you who joined us live on the Mastermind class today (AND had the patience to stick around despite the technical difficulties — i.e. long period of SILENCE — at the start of the call).

Here’s a summary of what went down after our brief grounding exercise:

Hot Seat #1 and only: Emyrald Sinclaire (a PHD student) filled out an HSPF (Hot Seat Prep Form) asking for help generating more leads for her business. She recently completed her website (woohoo!) and started offering free coaching sessions / CTC’s (Coaching That Converts). She’s getting some good practice and learning a lot, she’s just admittedly impatient and wanting clients NOW. She showed up to class hoping for some advice on how to drum up some business a little faster.

Kraig wasn’t able to attend the call and play co-pilot today because he was in NYC for a marketing and networking conference, but he had prepared some notes for Emyrald in advance, so I weaved his feedback in with my own.

After asking Emyrald several questions about her target market and what she had learned about her customer avatar so far from the few CTC’s she had done, I gave her the advice to:

  1. keep blogging, utilizing social media, doing speaking gigs, and putting quality content out there so she can attract people who love her message;
  2. continue offering CTC’s, but STICK to the script (she revealed that she hadn’t been, and had been giving away more tools and action steps –– which was “killing the sale);
  3. stop spending money on ads for now, and instead…
  4. utilize the “Challenge” –– a bonus training in the program portal that will not only help her get even clearer than she is now about her message, her offer, and her target market, but also help her generate referrals from her warm market.

We also had a brief discussion around mindset re: acknowledging how far she’d come. It’s so key to stop and really celebrate! Finally, we talked about staying in action despite the very NORMAL “I’m not good enough” Monkey Mind thoughts that tend to creep up.

All in all, it was a quick but potent call, and very worth your time… ESPECIALLY if you, too, are feeling impatient about leads not coming fast enough in your business.

All our love,


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Maria Kubitz
With over twenty years in a successful marketing communications career at companies ranging from huge corporations like Hewlett-Packard to small startup environments with less than ten people, Maria has seen first-hand what works and what doesn't. In 2012, Maria launched a grief support website where her honest, heartfelt writing has helped more

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